Painless, Drug-Free, Immediate

Electronic Relief for Your Neuropathy

More than 700,000 ReBuilder treatments are performed every day, worldwide.

The ReBuilder stops numbness and pain while rebuilding your nerves.

Like a pacemaker for your heart, the ReBuilder electronically measures the condition of your peripheral nerves and corrects the problem. It is a 30 minute home based, self administered treatment with no side effects. The ReBuilder is FDA cleared and is a covered expense for Medicare and Insurance.

The ReBuilder is a therapeutic treatment, not just a temporary pain relieving device. The results are cumulative and it can help rebuild your nerves.

Think of it as a way to hit the "reset" button on your nerves.

A note from one of our customers:

"Thank you ReBuilder Medical for the pain free years since I first met you. My life and the things the Lord has wanted me to do have been so much easier because of you. I pray each and every one of you has a blessed Christmas and that our Lord will reward you for your caring hearts."

C. I. - 12/15/2014

Get your life back.

The pain or numbness (sometimes both) of peripheral neuropathy can be caused by many things such as poor blood flow, prescription medicines such as statins, trauma, environmental toxins, diabetes, chemotherapy, muscle spasms and many other things. No matter what the cause, the ReBuilder is able to reduce or eliminate your symptoms, stop the progression of the disease, and in some cases, even reverse peripheral neuropathy.

The ReBuilder is an "intelligent" medical device. It has three parallel processors that read the condition of your nerves 7.83 times per second, and then computes and delivers the corrective signal, specific for you. As you change and improve, the ReBuilder changes with you. Everything is automatic and simple, just turn it on, sit back and relax.

The ReBuilder delivers an electronic signal that travels from one foot, up that leg via the sciatic nerve, across your lower spine, and down the other leg to the other foot. This soothing signal helps improve the communication between your nerves and your brain, resulting in the reduction, and often the elimination, of the pain and numbness you are experiencing. It can also be used to treat issues in the hands in a similar fashion, with the conductive gloves.

It wakes up sleeping nerves and relaxes and soothes overactive nerves.

Safe, Effective Pain and Numbness Treatment

Over 1,000,000 users

Lifetime warranty

Money back guarantee

The muscle stimulating part of your ReBuilder strengthens weak muscles and increases local blood flow.

Stop the pain, burning, tingling, and numbness without side effects.

Relief is usually felt during the very first treatment, and gets better with every successive treatment.

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A Note from the Inventor

David B. Phillips, Ph.D. Inventor of the ReBuilderHi, I am David Phillips, the inventor of the ReBuilder.

I am a medical product inventor, and often invent because of a necessity within my own family.  The invention you will know me best for is the infrared ear thermometer that takes your temperature in your ear.  I invented that because we have four children and I knew there needed to be a safer way of taking their temperature than with a dangerous and inaccurate glass, mercury-filled thermometer.

When my 4 year old granddaughter contracted Molluscum Contagiosum, I invented SilverCure which uses silver and a small electronic pen sized device to destroy the virus.

I am currently developing a new device to make the veins stand up to make drawing blood easier and safer after my 2 year old infant grandson had to be re-hydrated during a bad case of the flu, and my wife begged me to develop something to improve that traumatic process.

I invented the ReBuilder in 1985 for my father, who had open-heart surgery and was experiencing pain and numbness in the leg where the vein was removed for his artery graft.  His pain, trouble sleeping, and decreased mobility were making him depressed. It was painful for me to see him suffer. I had to do something. That something is the ReBuilder.

Since we, as a family, use the products I develop, they have to be safe and easy to use.

I pay attention to things like how the controls work, having an automatic shut-off for those that may fall asleep during a treatment, and using a standard 9-volt battery available anywhere that is safe and easy to purchase and replace rather than a lithium ion battery that can catch fire or could be dead right when you need it. I do not like unnecessary surgery or prescription medicines with all their side effects.

It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so, I guess I should be flattered by competitors that claim to have “ReBuilder-like” units.  However, I get concerned when I see them because they only block the nerve signals, kind of like a temporary band aid..  The ReBuilder opens the nerve paths, while common those devices close them.

The ReBuilder works, it works really well for most people, and it has been working for a long time.  We have customers who are still using ReBuilders they purchased in 1987.

Your ReBuilder caries a lifetime warranty, and you can give it a try for 2 months to make sure it works for you. (Although about 96% of people have success with it, as it does not work for everyone.)

And, as for my father, the ReBuilder worked well for him; he regained his mobility and went on to enjoy another 20 years with his family.

I hope you enjoy using the ReBuilder and getting your life back.

David B. Phillips, Ph.D.


How do I use it?

The ReBuilder is easy to use. There are several delivery methods depending on the severity of your symptoms and convenience factors such as traveling, and if your toes are affected.

1. The footbath

For serious pain and numbness.

The warm water, split compartment footbath works best when your have symptoms that started in your toes. The water in the footbath treats the entire foot, including the toes, and even the area between the toes. You simply drop the conductive rubber electrodes into the water, turn the ReBuilder on and sit back and enjoy the pleasant tingling and massaging effects for 30 minutes, experiencing instant relief. When used before bedtime, it can even help you get a good night's sleep without prescription meds.

Using the ReBuilder at home with the Footbath

2. Conductive garments

Conductive socks can be used for added convenience or for traveling.
Conductive gloves can also be used for optimal results with the hands, as the 'wet method' is impractical for this treatment.

The conductive socks are the second choice. This method still treats the toes, but not the area between the toes. The advantage of the socks is their convenience. They can be used dry, or for an even greater level of stimulation, they can be used with conductive lotion. To use, you simply put them on, snap the ends of the lead wires to the socks, and turn on the ReBuilder.

Using the ReBuilder with Conductive Socks

2. Self adhesive pads

Self adhesive electrodes directly on the skin.

How does it work?

The ReBuilder works by first analyzing the condition of your nerves and then sending a custom signal from one foot, up the leg, across the synaptic junctions in the lower back, down the other leg and all the way down to the other foot. This signal gently re-trains the entire nerve path. In addition, the ReBuilder stimulates the nearby calf muscles to contract and relax, enhancing the local blood flow to bring fresh nutrients to the nerves and help remove accumulated toxins. Read more...

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