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Electronic Relief for Your Neuropathic Pain


You are not alone; the ReBuilder can help you get your life back !!! For a variety of reasons your nerves were probably starved of oxygen and have contracted, which means they can't communicate with each other because a gap has developed between them. Your brain's reaction to this poor communication can be the sensation of pain in your feet or legs.

BUT......The ReBuilder can improve the communication problems, and minimize, even sometimes eliminate, the pain in your feet and legs from neuropathy, including (but not limited to) neuropathy from chemotherapy, Peripheral Vascular Disease, trauma to the lower back, Piriformis Syndrome, and Diabetes.

The ReBuilder is not a new modality; it was registered with the FDA in 1987. If you have chronic pain in your feet and / or legs, the ReBuilder can help. The ReBuilder delivers an electronic signal from one foot, up that leg, across your back, down the other leg, and to the other foot 7.83 times per second. The delivery of this signal helps improve the communication from one nerve to the next resulting in the reduction, and often the elimination, of the pain and other symptoms you are experiencing.

Safe, Effective Nerve Pain Treatment

The unique, patent pending ReBuilder is a Neuro Electronic Therapy device. It calms down overactive nerves (hyperactive nerve syndrome) and stimulates sleeping nerves (hypoactive nerve syndrome) to eliminate nerve pain. The ReBuilder also combines with a neuromuscular stimulator for strengthening weak muscles and increasing local blood flow. It is fully cleared with the FDA since 1987. It's also a covered expense with Medicare and most insurance companies. The ReBuilder has been in production for 27 years, prescribed by over 12,000 physicians and used by over 300,000 patients successfully. It is made in the US, in an FDA audited facility, by US citizens, and is ISO 6000 certified. The ReBuilder has spawned a succession of "me too" imitations made in China that have come and gone over the years. Always have your physician prescribe "Brand Specific" ReBuilder products and accept no generic substitutes.

Proven 95% effective for relief of painful symptoms of neuropathy, MS, RSD, restless leg syndrome, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, arthritis, and other forms of chronic pain.

The ReBuilder Neuro Electronic Therapy device is FDA and Medicare cleared for:

  • Relief of chronic, intractable pain
  • Post traumatic pain
  • Post surgical pain
  • Arthritic pain
  • Preventing/Retarding disuse muscle atrophy
  • Preventing venous thrombosis
  • Relaxing muscle spasms
  • Increases local blood circulation
  • Re-educating muscles
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Maintaining range of motion
  • Increasing muscle mass

Stop the pain, relieve painful burning, and reduce painful tingling, without side-effects.

The ReBuilder is your best option for treating the pain resulting from peripheral neuropathy. Temporary relief is usually felt during the very first treatment, and gets better with every soothing, successive treatment. To review supporting data, click here.

A Note from the Inventor

David B. Phillips, Ph.D. Inventor of the ReBuilderHi, I am David Phillips, the inventor of the ReBuilder.

I am a medical product inventor, and often invent because of a necessity within my own family.  The invention you will know me best for is the thermometer that takes your temperature in your ear.  I invented that because we have four children and I knew there needed to be a safer way of taking small children’s temperature than rectally.

I originally invented the ReBuilder in 1985 for my father, who had had open-heart surgery and was experiencing pain and numbness in the leg where the vein was removed for his artery graft.  His pain, trouble sleeping, and decreased mobility were making him depressed.

Since we as a family use the products I invent, I am sensitive to not only the best functioning of the device, but also the operation of the device so that it is safe and easy to use.

I pay attention to things like how the controls work, having an automatic shut-off for those that often fall asleep during a treatment, and using a standard 9-volt battery that is safe and easy to purchase and replace.

We are regularly reviewing opportunities for improvement of the ReBuilder and welcome suggestions from our customers.

It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, so, I guess I should be flattered by others that claim to have “ReBuilder-like” units.  However, I get concerned when I see them because they do not work like the ReBuilder, and could cause more problems for the user since what they do is block the nerve signals.  Remember, the ReBuilder opens the nerve paths, common TENS devices close them.

I’m quite proud to say that the ReBuilder works, it works really well for most people, and it has been working for a long time.  We have customers who are still using ReBuilder units they purchased in 1990. 

And, as for my father, the ReBuilder worked well for him; he regained his mobility and went on to enjoy another 20 years with his family.

I hope you enjoy using the ReBuilder and getting your life back.

David B. Phillips

How do I use it?

The ReBuilder is easy to use. There are two delivery methods depending on the severity of your symptoms and convenience factors such as traveling, and if your toes are symptomatic.

1. The footbath

For serious pain, including in your toes.

The warm water, split compartment footbath works best when your have symptoms in your toes. The water in the footbath treats the entire foot, including the toes, and even the area between the toes are stimulated. You simply drop the conductive rubber electrodes into the water, turn the ReBuilder on and sit back and enjoy the pleasant tingling and massaging effects for 30 minutes.

Using the ReBuilder at home with the Footbath

2. Conductive garments

For traveling and moderate to less pain in your feet and legs.

The conductive socks are the second choice. This method still treats the toes, but not the area between the toes. The advantage of the socks (and gloves) is its convenience. They can be used dry, or for an even greater level of stimulation, they can be used wet. To use, you simply put them on (dry or wet), snap the ends of the lead wires to the socks, and turn on the ReBuilder.

Using the ReBuilder with Conductive Socks

How does it work?

The ReBuilder works by sending a larger than normal, perfect image of a healthy nerve signal, from one foot, up the leg, across the synaptic junctions in the lower back, down the other leg and all the way down to the other foot. This signal gently re-trains the entire nerve path. In addition, the ReBuilder stimulates the nearby calf muscles to contract and relax, enhancing the local blood flow to bring fresh nutrients to the nerves and help remove accumulated toxins. Read more...

The ReBuilder is approved for Medicare and Insurance coverage.

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The ReBuilder works for your feet, legs, arms, and hands.

The ReBuilder is manufactured in the US, by US citizens, in an FDA registered and inspected facility. Accept no substitute.
Always insist on "brand specific" ReBuilder products.