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Uniqueness of the ReBuilder:

Unlike the common TENS devices, the ReBuilder opens the nerve paths rather than blocking the nerve signals. The ReBuilder's proprietary 7.83 Hz signal is used to therapeutically treat a patient's pain, rather than ameliorate the pain sensation, resulting in improved neural conduction. Being microprocessor controlled, and having built-in bio-feedback circuits that measure the patient's response to the signal, it adjusts itself prior to the delivery of the next signal. This ensures the patient's safety and comfort because each signal impulse is customized to the patient's physiology. Rather than using the common generic square wave, the ReBuilder delivers an exact copy of a healthy peripheral nerve waveform, thus using 1/100 of the current normally used. Since the signal prefers to travel along nerve paths, it is unaffected by metal implants. In addition, the signal is a combination signal composed of 80% nerve stimulation and 20% muscle stimulation. By adding the simultaneous muscle stimulation, blood flow is enhanced as well as strengthening muscle tone, to help the patient with his / her balance and gait. The ReBuilder has therapeutic benefit that multiplies with each use. Because the treatment is pleasant and easy, patient compliance is very high.

The ReBuilder is not a new modality. The ReBuilder was

  • approved and registered with the FDA in 1987 with 2 separate 510K's, one for TENS and one for EMS
  • approved for Medicare purchase in 2008, and
  • the ReBuilder Conductive Garments were approved for Medicare purchase in 2009.

The ReBuilder is currently most commonly used for the pain of all forms of Neuropathy, including chemotherapy induced Neuropathy, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Sciatica, Piriformis Syndrome, and lower back pain.

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