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Testimonials from Customers and Physicians

Testimonials from Customers and Physicians

My name is Johanna I m from Colombia and I m very interested in your treatment of neuropathy. My mother her name is Blanca has been suffered for over 2 years from different symptoms such as a pain in the button, spine cord, feet & hands numbs so she went to many doctors and different specialist but no one were able to helped her out. So about 4 moths ago she got a laser spine cord surgery (L4 & L5) but after the surgery the doctor's told us that it was not the problem at all and he does not what is going on. About 3 moths the pain was terrible that she could not sleep, sit or even walk so the doctor decides to hospitalised her and done many test so after a while the diagnosis was peripheral neuropathy. In the hospital gave her a lot medicine, pain killers and she was under morphine all the time so she was sleeping most all the day, after 2 moths she was release from the hospital with the following medication Lirica, Cibalta and Morphine parch. I though that she will improve her symptoms but some of them just got worse such as the numbs in her feet, legs and hands so for instance if she go out for a shopping and walk couple of hours the very next day she needs to be in beed because the pain is terrible. This is a brief story about my mother, last Friday she went back to hospital because she has an infection in one of the lungs and she could not breath and the pain was so high I do not know if this new symptom is relate or not but I m so worries because the doctor told her that this illness will be for all her life I do understand that but she does not have a good quality of life because she is in pain and numb for the effect of the medication. Today she got a visit from the psychiatrist and she just told her to take more pills for the depression I do not think so that take more medicine will help but is just my point of view. So I wonder if you can help me out I know we are far away but if I need to take her to you I will. I am aware that could be expensive but my family and the community are wonder to help us. She got many test that maybe can help or if you wish we can done some test here and send it to you I m desperate I do not know the best way to give her a better quality of life. So I wonder if you can give me an idea that what can I do and if we have to flight there how much will be the costs of the treatment and how many weeks we should there because I got apply for the visa and prepare everything. Many thanks in advances, Johanna Munoz

Dear Johanna Munoz.No need to travel here. We have sent you a free ReBuilder and you can use it at home. I hope it will help her..It would help us if you would take a before and after photo of your Mom that we could use on our website. Dr. Phillips

November 14, 2013
Dear Dr. David,
You may remember me.  My mother name is Blanca.  Many thanks to God for you and your machine.  She is now no pain can feel her feet again.  No more Lirica, Cibalta, morphine parch.  With her first feet treatments she had no pain at treatment, felt OK for 4 hrs.  She use her ReBuild at night and sleeps al night.  She now plays with grandchild.   It is miracle! Here are photos. Margarite Munoz