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94 out of 100 patients eliminated their pain and painful numbness symptoms. USERS SAW A LASTING IMPROVEMENT WITHIN A 7 DAY PERIOD.

A study of 551 patients indicating the clinical success of the ReBuilder in relieving chronic pain and numbness symptoms. Better mobility was also experienced. Benefits accumulate the more you use it.

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"We kept increasing our pills until the side effects were worse than our chronic intractable pain. We were frustrated, then our doctor discovered the ReBuilder.

No more pain, no more pills. We have our balance back, we can feel our toes and feet, and we feel great again! The ReBuilder more than paid for itself in co-pays, gas to and from the doctor's office, other pills to counteract the side effects of the pain pills, and... it gave us back all that time to go back to living!"

Note: The ReBuilder is a full prescription strength medical device, not comparable to the common TENS/EMS devices you can buy online without a prescription. The ReBuilder, made in America, has been in production for over 30 years.

What is the ReBuilder?

The ReBuilder is a highly sophisticated, prescription based, at-home medical device that alleviates chronic pain and painful numbness with no side effects. Similar to a pacemaker for your heart, the ReBuilder reads the dysfunctional electrical waveforms of your nerves and then delivers a correcting signal 7.83 times per second (Schumann Earth Resonant Frequency).

The ReBuilder is FDA cleared under K882980 as a prescription device for the following uses:

  • Symptomatic relief for chronic intractable pain
  • Post-traumatic & post-surgical pain relief
  • Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Increasing local blood circulation
  • Muscle reeducation
  • Immediate post-surgical stimulation of calf muscles to prevent venous thrombosis
  • Maintaining or increasing range of motion


(12 minute video)

The ReBuilder – featured on the Heartbeat of America TV program.

Produced by William Shatner(who stared in Star Trek and Boston Legal), and showcases companies that are making a difference and changing the world.





The ReBuilder has become the preferred standard of care in hospitals and clinics around the world!

There are 55,762 doctors, 317 hospitals and clinics, and 187,663 patients using it at home (as of 2019).

ReBuilder Medical Inc. has been solving pain continuously since 1987.


How it works


The ReBuilder increases blood circulation immediately.

Check out the 33 second video on the right which shows a visual of how your nerves look when proper blood circulation is flowing.


Click here to watch more ReBuilder videos.


Amazing results with first treatment.



"My son has chronic intractable pain, his feet were not only swollen but purple in color. I had to put patches on his spine because of the pain. The spine area was also discolored. It was unbelievable. He couldn't even walk right. Now his feet are almost normal in color. Before he couldn't even put slippers on, now he can walk and put shoes on. It's almost a miracle the way it works. I hope it doesn't stop working on him. He doesn't wake up crying every morning now (41 years old). He uses it two times a day and we have cut the drugs down considerably."

This photo was taken before my son started using the ReBuilder. He couldn't even wear slippers. The pain and swelling went up to and included his knee.

This photo was taken approximately one week after using the ReBuilder. We received the machine 04/15/05. His knees are no longer swollen. Amazing! No pain.


(1 minute video)

Dr. Ruben Garcia asking his patient what pain level she is at before and after treatment with amazing results. Reducing the pain level from a 6 to a 2 or a 3.


Read more Patient testimonials.

Why doctors rely on the ReBuilder


Many primary care physicians are running out of prescription med options to control your chronic intractable pain. You may have noticed all the news coverage about opioid addictions, the ReBuilder can take place of these opioids when used in conjuction with your primary care physician and your physical medicine physician. We can refer you to a local physician who can help you immediately, click here to find a doctor. or call for immediate personal help with a live medical professional on the phone. The ReBuilder is a covered expense under most insurance plans.


Read our doctor testimonials.


How is this different from TENS?


The ReBuilder is not a common TENS device. The ReBuilder is a prescription strength device that analyzes your nerve function, and then corrects it.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation. Simply put, an electric signal applied to the nerves across the surface of the skin. Typically this is a foreign (to the nerves) square wave signal delivered at a high frequency to incapacitate the nerves, or to inhibit nerve function by over-stimulating them. Although some TENS devices are adjustable in terms of frequency or amplitude, once set, the outgoing signal would be the same for each user for the entire duration of treatment. A standard TENS machine sends its signal from one electrode to another placed in close proximity, usually 6-8" apart. This creates an electric analgesic effect; as it numbs the small treatment area. While this may offer some degree of temporary, localized pain relief, disrupting nerve function is no solution and usually exacerbates (or causes) numbness issues. these "toys" are factory permanently set to deliver their coarse signals via 2" x 2" conductive electrodes and are not adjustable to the different impedance when different application methods are used such as conductive garments, etc. Thus they can cause great harm. Repeated use of a standard TENS can cause permanent numbness... Read more.



How and Why the ReBuilder was Developed.

David B. Phillips M.D., Ph.D.

Read the story of the ReBuilder's creation here


What are my options for the ReBuilder?


See Pricing info for home use below.

If you would like a little more info... Call us toll free (877) 717-5487 Note: Our phones are immediately answered by a real person, not a recording. We respect your time and know you prefer to talk to a real person.


ReBuilder® 2407 Deluxe

Same ReBuilder 2407 but it comes with all these extra accessories.

  • 1 Extra Lead Wire
  • 1 set of Non-Adhesive pads
  • 1 Pair of Conductive Socks
  • 1 Pair of Conductive Gloves
  • 1 Pair ReBuilder Foot Pads
  • 1 Gallon of Conductivity Enhancement Spray
  • 2 extra 2.5 oz spray bottles
  • 10 Additional Pairs of Adhesive Pads
  • 100 Individual Alcohol Wipe Prep Pads
  • Foot bath system

(Total additional value $840)


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ReBuilder® 2407

This professional has Dual outputs, and treats 2 areas at once. For example, if you have problems with your hands and feet, or lower back, or shoulders (any 2), this is your best choice. It comes with an A/C adapter that bypasses the battery that provides 33% more power. It has two additional modes of action: EMS, for specific muscle toning and TENS, for specific trauma treatment.



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ReBuilder® 300

This is the home device with a simple, single output that treats one area at a time, such as your hands or feet. The model 300 has a single knob control on/off and intensity, and fits in your pocket.




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Proudly made in the USA


Additional Accessories for Various Treatment Needs


Twin Compartment Footbath

Conductive Footpads

Electrode Knee Straps


Finger Bowls

Conductive Gloves

Conductive Socks


Check out all of our accessories in the Shop.