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Peripheral Neuropathy Relief?

My doctor said
"Live with it".

I found a better way.

My pain stopped immediately when I first turned my ReBuilder on.
Now it's gone even with the ReBuilder off!

Margaret P. in Chicago

The ReBuilder is a real medical device made in America, continuously improved
for 30 years and used by serious doctors and serious hospitals.

Just ask...

The ReBuilder has become the standard of care in
hospitals and clinics around the world!

There are over 100,000 doctors who use it daily in their practice or prescribe it to their patients for home use.

The ReBuilder is an intelligent medical device that fits in your hand and sends tiny electrical signals to your nerves and muscles.

These signals are an exact copy of healthy nerve signals, calming overactive nerves, stimulating underactive nerves, strengthening muscles and increasing local blood flow.

The ReBuilder is easy to use!

Simply connect the ReBuilder to the appropriate accessory.
Turn the ReBuilder on and it turns itself off in 30 minutes.

Using the ReBuilder at home

ReBuilder 2407 shown with optional Twin Compartment Footbath Kit.

The ReBuilder treats other parts of the body.

Conductive Socks

Conductive Gloves

Knee Straps

Self-Adhesive Pads

Joing Straps on Elbow

Joint Straps on Ankle

Foot Pads

Self-Adhesive Pads on Back

How Does It Work?

What does it do differently?

The ReBuilder's biofeedback circuitry allows its signal to be sent from foot to foot (or hand to hand), effectively stimulating the entire nerve pathway from the tips of the toes (or fingers) to the base of the spine on both legs (or hands) simultaneously; a much greater area than standard TENS. This same biofeedback mechanism continuously modulates the outgoing waveform in accordance with your body's response to the previous signal. This happens in real-time, 7.83 times per second. Not only will each user receive a custom-tailored impulse, but it will change as your body favorably responds to the healing impulses during the treatment time.

Additionally, 20% of the ReBuilder's signal stimulates passive exercise of the skeletal muscles to increase circulation by way of the body's venous blood pump mechanism. A standard TENS machine does not stimulate muscles.

How does that affect the outcome?

By self-regulating its outgoing waveform, the ReBuilder is able to 'talk to your nerves' in a way that is not foreign to them and control pain and discomfort without inhibiting the nerve's ability to propagate an impulse. It does not cause or exacerbate numbness to do its job. This is critical for a neuropathy sufferer, who may already be struggling with balance and gait issues and especially important when you are stimulating the entire leg. Could you imagine purposefully numbing the whole leg (or both) and what implications that may have?


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The ReBuilder treats nerves AND muscles.

The ReBuilder also stimulates muscle activity via the motor neurons, causing steady, rhythmic contractions to gently move venous blood toward the heart and assist the lymphatic system. This reduces edema and helps flush away toxins while at the same time, aids the delivery of fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the nerve endings. Since the signal originates at the most distal point (the foot), it makes the most of this natural squeezing effect, almost like toothpaste in a tube. Over time, this will also help strengthen atrophied muscles.

Your body wants to heal itself

We just have to give it the tools to do so. By eliminating pain without causing numbness, mobility is not compromised. By controlling symptoms without the use of drugs, there are no debilitating side-effects. By controlling your dysfunctional nerves electronically instead of by drug use, a direct substitution allows you to reduce or possibly discontinue (under your physician's guidance) your pain meds, eliminating side-effects you already may be experiencing as a result of ever-increasing dosages. By increasing circulation in the extremity, you fuel the body's own natural healing process. You can further improve this with proper nutritional supplementation.

We have the perfect food for your nerves that also provides calm energy, increase focus and puts you in a great mood.

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Why is circulation important?

Circulation is the constant movement of blood around the body. This movement or ‘flow’ of blood takes place in a network of blood vessels.

Returning blood to the heart from the feet and legs is hard work for the heart, because this blood has to be pushed uphill. Circulation needs help from muscles that surround veins. When we walk, for example, muscles in our feet and legs help to pump blood upwards, in the same way as you would squeeze liquid along a tube.

Circulation can deteriorate as we get older, but circulation problems can affect anyone who isn’t as active as they might be, whatever their age. Some medical conditions can also affect circulation.

Symptoms of poor circulation include things like cold hands and feet, muscle cramps and tired, ‘heavy’ or aching legs.

We can improve our circulation by using the ReBuilder to restore blood flow, re-educate muscles, and relieve pain.

Will the ReBuilder work for me?

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94$ of users saw improvement within a 30 day trial period with the ReBuilder.

94% Effective


A study of 551 patients indicating the clinical success of the ReBuilder in relieving Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms.
In many instances, leg cramps vanished. Better mobility and more restful sleep were also experienced.
Benefits accumulate the more you use it.

I like how the floor 'feels real' for a time afterwards.

The ReBuilder System, is a fabulous medical device to help alleviate the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. In the past, we have used traditional physical therapy electrical stimulation devices, but the ReBuilder System provided our patients with Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) the best and longest lasting pain relief while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. With these remarkable results (96% success rate) the ReBuilder System is now being used across all CTCA sites – helping more oncology patients relieve their CIPN symptoms.

Stanislav Maravilla, PT
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
@ Midwestern Regional Medical Center

I like how the floor 'feels real' for a time afterwards.

I had suffered for 15+ years from miserable neuropathy pains. I found the ReBuilder about 3 years ago, now living life with very little pain whatsoever. I thank you for inventing this life saving product, and I will always be spreading the word.

John M.
Former basketball coach and grandfather of 6

I started seeing a doctor who uses the ReBuilder and that changed everything.

The symptoms I was experiencing on a daily basis were really affecting my life. I couldn’t sleep and I was always in pain. I started seeing a doctor who uses the ReBuilder and that changed everything.

Deborah J.
Physical therapist

What are my options for the ReBuilder?

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What's the difference between the
two ReBuilder models?

Home Care Model 300

Single Output

ReBuilder 300


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ReBuilder Signature Signal
  • Battery Powered
  • Patented biofeedback built-in to automatically adjust to your specific needs

Professional Model 2407

Dual Output
treats multiple areas simultaneously

ReBuilder 2407


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • ReBuilder Signature Signal
  • Battery Powered
  • Patented biofeedback built-in to automatically adjust to your specific needs
  • Treat Multiple Regions Simultaneously
  • Additional EMS and TENS Settings
  • 33% Extra Strength for severe cases
  • A/C Power Adapter

ReBuilder 300 Kit

ReBuilder 300 Kit

  • $799
    Single Output
    Home Care

ReBuilder 300 Kit

Buy Now

Rent to Own - $50/month

ReBuilder 2407 Kit

ReBuilder 2407 Kit

  • $1,199
    Dual Output 33% more power
    Clinical Use and Severe Cases

ReBuilder 2407 Kit

Buy Now

Rent to Own - $75/month

ReBuilder 2407 Deluxe Kit

ReBuilder 2407 Deluxe Kit

  • $1,865
    Dual Output 33% more power Deluxe Package
    Hands / Feet / Back
    Knees / Hips / Elbows

ReBuilder 2407 Deluxe Kit

Buy Now

Rent to Own - $75/month

The ReBuilder is unique.

The ReBuilder costs more because it is a real medical device that has safety circuits and adapts to your own dysfunctional nerves. As they get better, the ReBuilder's impulses change accordingly. There is no comparison to any other device. The ReBuilder has been manufactured in the USA since it was first introduced in 1987. It has, of course, had many technical improvements as science has advanced.

We stand behind our products with a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and a 5 Year warranty.

*Rent to own plan available as low $50/month (Click here for details)


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Updated: June 14, 2017