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ReBuilder Medical | Dr. Phillips with the ReBuilder 300
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ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder is FDA- Registered

David B. Phillips MD, PhD
Inventor of the ReBuilder

Inventor of the Year Award 1986 for worlds first infrared ear thermometer



as a 510(k) Medical Device.
Indicated for:

  • Chronic unmanageable pain
  • Post-traumatic pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Preventing or slowing muscle atrophy
  • Increased range of motion
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Muscle re-education
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Post-surgical prevention of blood clots in veins

What is Bioelectronic medicine?

Bioelectronic medicine merges molecular medicine, neuro-science, engineering, and computing to develop devices to diagnose and treat diseases, and represents a potential revolution in disease management.

Why is the ReBuilder new and different?

The ReBuilder targets brain regions involved in pain processing and organs that support the immune system, unlike traditional therapies for neuropathy that target only the nerves.

What Doctors and Patients are Saying

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ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder reducing medications for neuropathy

Mrs. Lacasse


"A friend told me about this, so I got it, and it's the biggest miracle I've experienced. I have feeling back in my toes, I don't have that stabbing pain. It's amazing!"

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder for knee pain and neuropathy

Mr. Vogel


"It has helped by reducing the pain in both knees, and maybe more importantly it has given me better balance and able to walk without worrying about stumbling or tripping."

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder for parents suffering from neuropathy

Roy Tucker

United Kingdom

"Within two weeks of it arriving my father was using it daily, and he was up & walking...not just walking but pacing around... It really has been an absolute life-changer and a miracle for my father."

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder for unmanagable pain from neuropathy

Ms. Gail


"I had never used electricity to solve anything in my life, but I was willing to give this one a try... It changed my life for the better and I hope it will do the same for you."


Patients Using the ReBuilder show
Neuropathy Pain Relief in Just 30 Minutes

Medical Study

ReBuilder Medical | Using ReBuilder for Neuropathy Prevents Surgery

No ReBuilder Therapy


ReBuilder Therapy observed results within the first 30 minutes.


In a recent Peer-reviewed study of 551 patients, 94% eliminated their pain, numbness, tingling and burning symptoms. They regained their mobility with their first treatment.

When You Have Neuropathy Pain...

you don't have many options and most options just cover up the symptoms.


The ReBuilder is part of a new approach to healing called Bio-feedback Bioelectronic medicine, and bio-feedback bioelectric medicine differs from traditional neuromodulation (TENS, EMS) therapies by addressing the underlying pathophysiology to provide a potential cure for the disease versus simply masking the symptoms of disease.

The ReBuilder returns your nerves to their natural, functional state by analyzing the condition of your nerves, and where they are deficient in energy resulting in numbness, it sends more energy to them, and where they are over active, resulting in shooting pains, tingling, burning, etc., the ReBuilder reduces the accumulated energy in those nerves.

The ReBuilder has been compared to a cardiac pacemaker: it analyzes and records the dysfunctional waveforms that your nerves are sending, then creates a balancing, compensating waveform (like Bose noise cancelling headphones). It does this 7.83 times per second, which matches the Earth’s natural frequency (Schumann earth frequency), and this specific frequency causes the brain to produce endorphins, a natural form of opiate without side effects. These endorphins travel throughout the body via the bloodstream and reduces anxiety while reducing incidental pain from arthritis, etc. in other parts of the body. The net effect when used at bedtime is enhanced sleeping patterns.

Over the counter devices imported from China simply over stimulate the nerves with a foreign signal that does not match natural signals, and sends this same signal to everyone, and at a much higher than normal frequency. This is similar when the heart goes into fibrillation and beats too fast. This causes the blood flow thru the heart to go backwards or to stop entirely resulting in death. In treating neuropathy like this, it results in permanent numbness. Numbness can lead to infections and amputations.

David B. Phillips, MD, PhD
CEO ReBuilder Medical, Inc.

Over 287,663 people
have put their
trust in ReBuilder

Just did my first treatment. I found the machine easy to use. My pain level was reduced substantially.


Neuropathy pain is reduced and it is amazing so far. Maybe this will be the answer to years of incapacitation.
-G.S. (after only 3 days use)

I am sleeping better and for longer periods.


The pain has gone to minimal over 2 days...now near zero. Pain stays gone for about 8 hours after treatment.
-M.S. (after only 2 days use)

The circulation in my feet is amazing now. The ReBuilder has been my angel.


I noticed on Sunday that I had more strength gripping with my thumb and forefinger


Amazing results with the first treatment.


ReBuilder Medical | Before ReBuilder treatment

ReBuilder Medical | After ReBuilder treatment


Getting relief is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3!

How to Use the ReBuilder in 3 Easy Steps


Certified Quality
Unrivaled Performance.

ReBuilder Medical | excellent quality medical device for neuropathy treatment


ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder heals your nerves while a tens only blocks the pain of neuropathy

Comparison Testing TENS/EMS ReBuilder
Relieves Pain for 5-6 Hours After Being Treated
Adapts to Each Individual Patient Even During the Treatment
Prescription Strength - Required
Analyzes Patient's Nerve Function Like an EKG
Treats Nerves and Muscles Simultaneously
Treats Entire Upper/Lower Half of the Body
Lifetime Warranty
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Choose your package

ReBuilder 300

Treats Hands or Feet

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder 300 home therapy for neuropathy

  • ReBuilder 300 Device
  • 1 Lead Wire
  • 4 Adhesive Pads
  • A Carrying Case
  • Complete Instructions


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ReBuilder 2407

Treats Hands and Feet

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder 2407 home therapy for neuropathy

  • ReBuilder 2407 Device
  • 2 Lead Wires
  • 4 Adhesive Pads
  • Carrying Case
  • A/C Adapter
  • Complete Instructions


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2407 Deluxe Kit

Treats the Entire Body

ReBuilder Medical | ReBuilder therapy for neuropathy

  • 2407 Unit with
  • AC Adapter
  • 3 Lead Wires
  • 2 Pairs Adhesive Electrodes
  • Footbath kit
  • Carry Case
  • Complete Instructions
  • Conductive Gloves & Socks


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