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About the Inventor

David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D., the inventor of the ReBuilder® Treatment System for Neuropathy.

The ReBuilder® is another in a series of medical products from the brilliant mind of David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D. Even more, Dr. Phillips is an internationally recognized, award winning, medical device inventor!

He invents medical devices to solve medical issues that his own family has needed. They have to work!

You have probably seen or used his infrared ear thermometer that takes your temperature in less than one second that he developed to avoid using the mercury in glass thermometers when his 4 children were young. Dr. Phillips received the “Inventor of the Year” for that in 1987. He invented the GST System for the earlier detection of breast cancer. In 1975, his wife developed a lump in her breast and the GST System was proven by  Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York to be 94% effective.

The ReBuilder, consequently – is proudly made in the USA!

He invented a cure for Molluscum Contagiosum in 2008 using iontophoresis when his 4 year old granddaughter contracted the disease.

Additionally, he developed the Healing Pen in 2010 to heal the lesions from acne, insect bites and poison ivy when his children were in their teens and pimples were a problem. Dr. Phillips invented the ReBuilder for his father who developed peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Phillips is now working on a device to make drawing blood easy and painless with only one stick because his 2 year old grandson suffered when they tried 7 times to get an IV line started.

Why & How the ReBuilder was Developed…

A Note from the Inventor.


I invent medical devices to solve health problems in my family. The ReBuilder invention was for my father.

My father (1928-2008) had always been a very healthy man. He worked hard, loved his family, and his favorite thing in all the world was to bowl. He had bowled as a teenager.

When he was advised to undergo open-heart bypass surgery for blocked arteries in his heart he was assured that removing a vein from his calf would not have any adverse effects.

Unfortunately, it did produce adverse effects. The suture site in his leg became very painful, and he found that it was accompanied also by nerve pain, which he found hard to understand. Additionally, his calf muscle began to shrink, a condition called “disuse muscle atrophy” which only increased his concern. He was advised to walk a mile a day but complained:” How the heck can I walk a mile a day when I can’t feel my toes, and my leg hurts with every step?”

His leg pain and other symptoms also affected his willingness to go out to dinner for fear of stumbling in public, but his primary concern was the negative effect on his bowling. Bowling was his only outlet for stress and relaxation, and camaraderie with other men his age.

His family doctor prescribed pain meds. Those drugs only exacerbated his condition. Making him drowsy all day interfered with his sleep at night. His pain was replaced with increased painful neuropathy symptoms, lethargy, clouded thinking, and depression. He tried a series of drugs to no avail. Finally, I had to take matters into my own hands and invent something for him.

I knew that I had to address his pain without merely closing off nerve function which would only exchange pain for other painful neuropathy symptoms. I also had to strengthen his calf muscles, and I had to increase blood flow to his feet to bring in more oxygen and remove toxins. This solution also had to give him energy and overcome his depressed mood. It also had to be easy to use, or he would not use it.

I experimented with a common TENS device, and although it helped his pain temporarily, it increased his nerve pain making it hard to throw his bowling ball. I tried a muscle stimulator, (EMS) and at least that seemed to solve the problem of disuse muscle atrophy and increased the girth and strength of his leg muscle.

But it still did not bring enough blood to his feet, elevate his mood, and not cause permanent damage to his nerves, resulting in nerve pain. Because this process had been going on for a few months, his nerve paths were affected by non-use and the connections to and from his brain were now becoming more and more dysfunctional.

Finally, the solution came together for me. I needed a combination nerve stimulator to wake up his sleeping nerves, a muscle stimulator to strengthen his leg muscles and increase circulation, a way to open up blood vessels in his feet, and also to help him relax so he could sleep, as well as help elevate his mood. This device would need to be safe and easy, and also react to his improving condition as he got better. I suddenly got the answer while in my morning shower, all at once.

I came up with a vastly improved version of a TENS device that measured his actual nerve function and delivered a compensating signal that adapted to his particular condition at that time, even able to adapt during his 30-minute treatment.

I discovered what is called the Schumann Resonant frequency (7.83 times per second) which would cause the brain to release its own pain-relieving and mood-enhancing chemicals with no side effects. I used a warm water foot bath to deliver the impulses because warm water would open up the small blood vessels in the skin of his feet (vasodilation). I overlaid upon the TENS impulses the EMS muscle stimulating impulses to strengthen his legs. I made the device with a single large knob for simplicity of use, and an automatic shut off for a 30-minute treatment. I powered it with a plain 9-volt battery available at any grocery or convenience store, and I made it small and compact.

This solved his problem! His nerve pain went away, his painful neuropathy symptoms went away, he could walk normally, his sleep improved and as my mother reported: “He became his old happy self again”. Most importantly to him, he went back to his weekly bowling league.

That was over 28 years ago. Today, this system is called the ReBuilder, and it has been constantly updated and improved as new technology was developed but remains true to its original appearance, function, and ease of use.

By the way, now that I am 72 years old, I developed some nerve pain symptoms myself, but I am completely symptom-free by using the ReBuilder once or twice a month.

Note from ReBuilder Medical’s Founder
Dr. David B. Phillips

Hello. You see, I am a medical device inventor. I invented the GST Breast Cancer Detection System in 1976 when my then 30 year old wife developed a lump in her breast. Fortunately, it turned out not to be cancer.

“After becoming a father to our four children, I invented the world’s first infrared ear thermometer (First Temp, 1985) in response to my concern with the dangerous level of mercury used in the common glass thermometers and the danger of breaking it inside the rectum.” I again said “There has to be a better way!” So, I created the infrared ear thermometer, a modality used throughout the world. Chances are, you probably have one of these thermometers in your home!

When my dad’s discomfort began to affect his quality of life, I felt a similar need to find a solution to his condition. The result of my research into resolving my father’s painful neuropathy, is the ReBuilder®. ReBuilder® relieved my Fathers neuropathy until he passed away recently from Alzheimer’s.  Even more, he lived a fully active life and worked every day in our quality control department.”

More Information About David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D.


Dr. Phillips has even made a number of television appearances discussing the ReBuilder device, along with many people who have shared their success stories on the news and in reviews.


Dr. Phillips – featured on the Heartbeat of America TV program.

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Dr. Phillips – featured in WV Executive

The Invention of Hope: Finding the Silver Lining.

An excerpt…

That simple process was the genesis of ReBuilder Medical, Phillips’ Charles Town-based medical device company. Just as he’d invented the GST Breast Cancer Detection System as a response to his wife’s brush with mortality, Phillips took a family member’s pain personally.

The result was The ReBuilder®. Phillips’ grandfather was suffering from neuropathy, a painful condition caused by nerve damage. Using the same combination of intuition, an epiphany and a hot shower, Phillips devised The ReBuilder®. Rather than treating the symptoms of neuropathy with addictive drugs, the side effects of which can often be worse than the pain itself, Phillips sought to cure neuropathy itself.

“The ReBuilder® wakes up sleeping nerves by sending a healthy nerve signal throughout a nerve path and, in real time, adjusts itself to the patient’s individual electrical parameters,” Phillips says. “It improves local blood flow and also relaxes the patient so he can sleep at night without drugs.”