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About ReBuilder® for Nerve Pain, Neuropathy and Painful Numbness

ReBuilder® is an effective way to treat neuropathic pain, neuropathy, nerve pain and painful numbness problems. Registered with the FDA,  ReBuilder®  is safe, effective, affordable and is available only by a prescription. ReBuilders’® treatment is comfortable and relaxing.

It works directly on the affected extremities! Additionally, it doesn’t interfere with the patients medications.

Working on the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonances – the natural pulse wave of the earth, it has a more powerful electrical impulse than that of the human body. ReBuilder®. Additionally, using this wave form, it re-polarizes and re-educates the nerves to follow the correct paths. It enables nerve impulses to jump synaptic junctions, reconnecting  injured nerves, and delivers minerals and nutrients that help to revitalize nerves.

Treatments with ReBuilder® promote new nerve growth and also restores blood circulation. Feeling to the patient’s extremities returns and a notable reduction of neuropathic pain occurs or it completely disappears. Often ReBuilder® reverses neuropathy and chronic pain symptoms and it restores nerves to their normal state allowing them to fully function on their own reducing the need for medication.

ReBuilder® Works on Three Separate, but Simultaneous Levels to Immediately Begin Treating Nerve Pain, Neuropathy & Painful Numbness

  • Electro Stimulation of Nerves
  • Electro Stimulation of Muscles
  • Combines Electro Stimulation at 7.83 Hz
  • Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

How Does ReBuilder® Work to Heal Nerve Pain, Neuropathy and Painful Numbness?

ReBuilders® built-in microprocessor automatically measures several physiological functions of the nerves. This microprocessor automatically adjusts itself to the patients specific therapeutic needs – beginning with its first healing signal. For instance, when treating the lower extremities, this signal travels automatically from one foot, up the leg and across the nerve roots in the lower back, then down the other leg to the other foot.

ReBuilders® signals instantly produce a gentle buzzing feeling. These tingling impulses then reverse direction and go from one foot all the way back to the other. Additionally, these impulses treat all of the nerves from the lumbar area down to the feet.

ReBuilders® built-in microprocessor automatically measures several physiological nerve functions. It automatically adjusts itself to the patients specific needs. Healing immediately begins with the first signal – treating nerve pain and painful numbness problems.

The image below shows the waveform of a damaged, painful nerve. It is shown to demonstrate ReBuilders® energizing waveform, that immediately works to compensate and rebuild the nerves.

ReBuilder Highly Specialized TENS Unit

ReBuilder® Makes Automatic Adjustments 7.83 Times Per Second

ReBuilder®  creates a compensating waveform (similar to Bose headphones that cancel out background noise). Where there is too much energy displayed, ReBuilder® adapts its treating waveform to reduce that energy. Where the waveform indicates too little energy, it increases the energy in that area. This process goes on 7.83 times every second, sending a signal, analyzing the returning signal, creating a compensating signal, and sending the new signal.

The reason ReBuilder® works using the 7.83 Hz frequency, is because it takes time for the nerve cell to re-polarize (or reset) itself between its transmission of nerve signals. Minerals have to squeeze through tiny holes in the cell wall, and then return. This takes time. ReBuilders® pulse of  7.83 times per second, works because this gives the nerves time to re-polarize and prepare  for the next signal.

TENS Unit Square Wave SignalThe TENS Unit Square Waveform

How is ReBuilder® Different From a TENS Unit?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation. Simply put, TENS is an electric signal applied to the nerves across the surface of the skin. This signal is a foreign (to the nerves) square wave signal delivered at a forceful high frequency and will incapacitate the nerves. The TENS signal also inhibits nerve function by over-stimulating them. Some TENS Units are adjustable in terms of deliverable frequency or amplitude. However, once set, the outgoing signal is the same during the entire treatment, the signal doesn’t adjust itself based on what the body tells it.

A standard TENS machine sends its signal from one electrode to another placed in close proximity, usually 6″-8″ apart. This creates an electric analgesic effect – as it numbs the small treatment area. Furthermore, while this may offer some degree of temporary, localized pain relief, disrupting nerve function is not a solution and this type of signal usually exacerbates (or causes) painful numbness issues. TENS Units are factory set to permanently deliver their coarse signals via 2″ x 2″ conductive electrodes. They are not adjustable to the different impedance when different application methods are used such as conductive garments, etc. – thus they can cause great harm. Repeated use of a standard TENS Unit can cause permanent numbness.

A TENS Unit:

  • Blocks Pain Signals
  • Induces Numbness

A common TENS Unit is not as specialized as ReBuilder®.

ReBuilder is 94% Effective in Treating Neuropathic Pain

ReBuilder® also sends electrical signals to the nerves across the surface of the skin, and therefore, FDA classifies ReBuilder® as a TENS Unit,  ReBuilder® is a highly specialized and vastly more precise device. It is a controlled version of nerve stimulation, unlike anything you have ever seen before! ReBuilder’s® intelligence incorporates 3 microprocessors to control its sophisticated biofeedback circuitry and at the same time, it provides a muscle stimulus component to its output. These unique processors allow the ReBuilder® to be unique in an effective way. ReBuilder® provides an completely different patient experience and treatment outcome. You see, it is not just that you stimulate the nerves, but more importantly, how  you stimulate them. ReBuilder® is your help for neuropathic pain, nerve pain and painful numbness problems.


  • Repairs Nerves
  • Stimulates Muscles, the Lymphatic System and Stimulates Endorphins

The Proof is in ReBuilder® Reviews!!

“I can now walk better! The neuropathic pain in my legs is gone. What a relief! I am now using it once a day. The walker is in the closet. My symptoms are so much better. I say to anyone if you have a problem – get the ReBuilder.”

H.C. in Longview TX

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