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Doctor Testimonials

See What Doctors Have to Say About our ReBuilder Devices!


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder

The ReBuilder System, a fabulous medical device to help alleviate the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. In the past, we have used traditional physical therapy electrical stimulation devices, but the ReBuilder System provided our patients with Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) the best and longest lasting pain relief while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. With these remarkable results (96% success rate) the ReBuilder System is now being used across all CTCA sites – helping more oncology patients relieve their CIPN symptoms.

Stanislav Maravilla, PT
Director of Rehabilitation Services Cancer Treatment Centers of America @ Midwestern Regional Medical Center

I have 4 disc herniation’s, scoliosis, and Neuropathy. I have been using Rebuilder Medical products for over 6 years. I personally use the water treatment plus the ReBuilder 2407 model for my own Neuropathy 2-3 times per week in my office. I take my machine anytime I travel and use the sticky pads. If I am able to sit or lie down, I put one pad on the bottom of each foot and it automatically turns off after 30 minutes. I am able to be active because of this equipment. It is definitely cost effective. I recommend this treatment in my office with all my Neuropathy patients with great results of less pain, decreased numbness, ability to stand or walk, no more waking up at night. I would recommend the ReBuilder equipment to any doctor wanting to help more people with Neuropathy.

Dr. Kim Martin
North Shore Health Solutions, Ltd.


North Shore Health Solutions, Ltd. Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder


Centra Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder

In June of 2013, Centra began offering ReBuilder, a cutting-edge rehabilitation treatment designed to stimulate the nerves and muscles. For neuropathy patients, the treatment offers a new lease on life.

People want to get better and they want their lives back. The ReBuilder program typically brings success within five to six treatments… eight of 10 patients have experienced positive results from the treatment. Nearly everyone sees some change. Patients are able to stop taking pain medications and live a much higher quality of life. Neuropathy seems hopeless, but the ReBuilder program offers drastic changes to many patients and is really reshaping lives.

Centra Hospital
Lynchburg, VA and its 8 outpatient clinics


( 3 minute video )

Dr. Renee Hartz

In this informational video, Dr Renee Hartz explains a highly effective treatment option for those suffering with peripheral neuropathy. Using the ReBuilder on virtually every patient with myofascial therapy.

( 2 minute video )

Dr. Tirri

Dr. Tirri finds that his patients get better results faster. He uses the ReBuilder in all his care plans with his patients.

( 1 minute video )

Dr. Selig

Dr Selig using the ReBuilder for his patients…he explains what the ReBuilder is doing as it is re-educating the nerve. Sending the signal from one foot to the other, the ReBuilder relieves nerve pain through the body.

( 1 minute video )

Dr. Sabrina Morgen

Dr. Sabrina Morgen talks about a patient with phantom limb pain and her success with using the ReBuilder for painful symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy interviewed by David B. Phillips.

( 3 minute video )

Dr. Winston Griner

Dr. Winston Griner uses the ReBuilder in his office. He states “at least 80% respond effectively”, and ” it’s better than any drug”. Interview is conducted by David B. Phillips at a doctors conference specializing in Neuropathy.

( 2 minute video )

Dr. Renee Hartz

Dr. Renee Hartz speaking about the ReBuilder in doctor’s offices and the results she has seen across the board. Interview conducted by David B. Phillips at a Neuropathy Doctors conference