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Meet Dr. Kim Martin. one of our doctors from North Shore Health Solutions, Ltd..

Before using the ReBuilder, her pain was anywhere from 9 to 11, it would be unbearable. After using the ReBuilder therapy, it kept getting better and better and better. And now her pain is consistently between a 1 and a 3.

Meet Dr. Eric Shapiro one of our doctors from Select Health of the Carolinas located in Charlotte NC.

He tells about his experience using the ReBuilder in his practice for neuropathy patients. His patients have had impressive results after using it and best of all they can treat themselves without setting up a doctor's appointment.

Meet Dr. Krista L. one of our doctors from Centra Health in the Leesburg Virginia location.

She explains why and when they began to implement the ReBuilder in their Neuropathy patient protocol. Because it works well and it's easy for their patients to use at home.

Meet Nancy Reed one of our customers who is a massage therapist located in Ohio.

She tells us how she found the ReBuilder. After her husbands worsening numbness in his hands progressed to the point he couldn't sign his name, she began researching for a way to help...She found the ReBuilder 2407. After 3 weeks of treatment with the ReBuilder her husband regained the function of his hands. Upon seeing these results she has been able to help more patients get their lives back from what seemed like a hopeless situation, even a diabetic neuropathy patient.

I have 4 disc herniation’s, scoliosis, and Neuropathy. I have been using ReBuilder Medical products for over 6 years. I personally use the water treatment plus the ReBuilder 2407 model for my own Neuropathy 2-3 times per week in my office. I take my machine anytime I travel and use the sticky pads. If I am able to sit or lie down, I put one pad on the bottom of each foot and it automatically turns off after 30 minutes. I am able to be active because of this equipment. It is definitely cost-effective. I recommend this treatment in my office with all my Neuropathy patients with great results of less pain, decreased neuropathy symptoms, ability to stand or walk, no more waking up at night. I would recommend the ReBuilder equipment to any doctor wanting to help more people with Neuropathy.

Dr. Kim Martin
North Shore Health Solutions, Ltd.


North Shore Health Solutions, Ltd. Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder


Centra Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder

In June of 2013, Centra began offering ReBuilder, a cutting-edge rehabilitation treatment designed to stimulate the nerves and muscles. For neuropathy patients, the treatment offers a new lease on life.

People want to get better, and they want their lives back. The ReBuilder program typically brings success within five to six treatments… eight of 10 patients have experienced positive results from the treatment. Nearly everyone sees some change. Patients are able to stop taking pain medications and live a much higher quality of life. Neuropathy seems hopeless, but the ReBuilder program offers drastic changes to many patients and is really reshaping lives.

Centra Hospital
Lynchburg, VA and its 8 outpatient clinics

We have been using your ReBuilder® System for the last four months, and I wanted to express our experience to date. We have found that the device works very well both in the TENS mode and the EMS mode. The electrodes on your system are unique, and we feel that you have solved the common complaint of electrode burns when used for TENS applications. Using the system for EMS applications begins to show its real utility for a sports medicine practice. The impulses ramp up in intensity gently, enhancing patient compliance. Although we realize that the system is designed primarily for the patient to be able to use at home, it has significant utility in a professional setting as well.

The real value of the system, however, lies in its “pulsed” mode. For those patients needing or desiring to increase the blood flow to their lower legs, it will work magnificently. I’m almost embarrassed to describe its utility in these terms, but you’ve really got a winner here. The primary use in the geriatric patient who really needs the large control knobs and the ease of the twin compartment foot bath mode of electrode placement. (We here have shortened our description to “bring out the buckets!”) Our patients report feelings of relaxation and a lowering of their anxiety levels.

By the way, the price is probably too low. Most equipment that we use is in the $5,000 to $6,000 range and only performs a single function. If you can really afford to offer it at $850, you should be able to sell all you can make.

Meridith Marrin
Sports Therapist @ Sports Therapy Associates in San Marco, CA


Sports Therapy Associates, Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder


Milne Medical Centre, Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder

Please be advised that as a Board Certified Family Practitioner interested in keeping my patients healthier and less reliant on surgical procedures, I have been using the ReBuilder for my Patients since the latter part of 1987. Many of my patients suffer from chronic pain syndromes, osteoarthritis, coronary heart disease status post-by-pass surgery, diabetes mellitus with peripheral neuropathy, and venous vascular disease.

Patients who have had bypass surgery many times have had portions of their greater saphenous vein surgically removed which can decrease venous blood flow in the lower extremities and can cause pain syndromes from compromised circulation. Research is already well established regarding the efficacy of the TENS device and pain control. Recent research is growing regarding its potential help with venous disorders.

I prescribe the ReBuilder for my patients with the above conditions and have found it to provide the following benefits:

  1. Reduce drug dependence
    With pain being controlled with the ReBuilder, the need for pain medication is reduced, decreasing the likelihood of long-term drug dependence.
  2. Enhanced venous pump action
    After surgery, collateral circulation is enhanced by exercise. However, many times it is painful to walk. The ReBuilder stimulates the calf muscles to contract more efficiently than normal exercise because of the isometric form of stimulation and the waveform used. Improved blood flow then is able to carry away lactic acid and other metabolic byproducts.
  3. Enhanced healing of venous ulcers
    Better venous flow is achieved through calf contraction.
  4. Reduce edema
    The lymphatic system circulates and carries proteins which can cause edema. Edema is reduced with the ReBuilder.
  5. Accelerate healing
    Due to the greatly enhanced blood flow by the ReBuilder healing of surgical wounds has been much faster.
  6. Peripheral Neuropathy secondary to diabetes mellitus may result in gangrenous infections.
    If attended rapidly, many of these patients can be improved so as to prevent them from surgical intervention.

Robert D. Milne, M.D., A.A.F.P.
Milne Medical Centre in Las Vegas Nevada

He recently tried a ReBuilder Unit on both feet over the last 30 days, which he found to be beneficial. He typically uses the ReBuilder unit twice a day for 30-minute intervals. His neuropathic foot pain decreased from 8 on a scale of 10 down to a 4 or 5. Although the ReBuilder unit did not relieve all his pain, he does report substantial clinical improvement. I did prescribe him a ReBuilder unit with conductive socks with conductive lotion. He has been using the ReBuilder unit along with sock conductive garment model 55100. I did complete his certificate of medical necessity.

Neurological Examination: He is a pleasant 67-year-old man in no apparent distress with normal cognition and speech patterns. Cranial nerves II through XII were intact. Motor examination shows normal strength in both upper and lower extremities both proximally and distally except for left deltoid graded 5-. Left-hand grip strength was moderately weak and right handgrip is also mildly weak related to previous cervical myelopathy. There is mild left dorsiflexion weakness graded 5-. Sensory Examination revealed moderately reduced vibration in both great toes with intact proprioception. Pinprick was normal in the feet, but he did not report allodynia at the base of the toes bilaterally. Coordination and gait were normal. Reflexes were graded at 3 in the right BR, but otherwise two in upper extremities. Knee reflexes were graded 3 and ankle reflexes were graded 3 and ankle reflexes were absent. No Babinski signs were elicited.

  1. Bilateral foot neuralgia with probable idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.
  2. Cerebrovascular disease with previous thalamic infarct.
  3. Cervical myelopathy status post decompressive surgery.
  4. History of left cubital tunnel.
  1. ReBuilder unit with conductive sock garments specified above.
  2. Continue medication at the current doses.
  3. Aspirin prophylaxis.
  4. Neurological follow-up in three months, but contact me with any changes in his condition.

James M Herrold, M.D.
Board Certified Neurology & E.M.G @ St. Luke's in Boise, Idaho


St. Luke's Dr. Herrold Testimonial for Use of the ReBuilder

Videos from our doctors...

Dr. Renee Hartz

3 minute video

In this informational video, Dr. Renee Hartz explains a highly effective treatment option for those suffering from peripheral nerve pain. Using the ReBuilder on virtually every patient with myofascial therapy.

Dr. Tirri

2 minute video

Dr. Tirri finds that his patients get better results faster. He uses the ReBuilder in all his care plans with his patients.

Dr. Selig

1 minute video

Dr Selig using the ReBuilder for his patients…he explains what the ReBuilder is doing as it is re-educating the nerve. Sending the signal from one foot to the other, the ReBuilder relieves nerve pain through the body.

Dr. Sabrina Morgen

1 minute video

Dr. Sabrina Morgen talks about a patient with phantom limb pain and her success with using the ReBuilder for painful symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy interviewed by David B. Phillips.

Dr. Winston Griner

3 minute video

Dr. Winston Griner uses the ReBuilder in his office. He states “at least 80% respond effectively”, and ” it’s better than any drug”. Interview is conducted by David B. Phillips at a doctors conference specializing in Neuropathy.

Dr. Hartz

2 minute video

Dr. Hartz speaking about the ReBuilder in doctor’s offices and the results she has seen across the board. Interview conducted by David B. Phillips at a Neuropathy Doctors conference.