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The ReBuilder is another in a series of medical products from the mind of David B. Phillips, Ph.D. Dr. Phillips is an internationally recognized medical device inventor.

He invents medical devices to solve medical issues that his own family has needed. They have to work!

You have probably seen or used his infrared ear thermometer that takes your temperature in less than one second that he developed to avoid using the mercury in glass thermometers when his 4 children were young. Dr. Phillips received the "Inventor of the Year" for that in 1987. He invented the GST System for the earlier detection of breast cancer in 1975 when his wife developed a lump in her breast that was proven to be 94% effective at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.

David B. Phillips, Ph.D., the inventor of the ReBuilder Treatment System for Neurophaty

The ReBuilder is proudly made in the USA

He invented a cure for Molluscum Contagiosum in 2008 using iontophoresis and silver ions when his 4 year old granddaughter contracted the disease. He developed the Healing Pen in 2010 to heal the lesions from acne, insect bites and poison ivy when his children were in their teens and pimples were a problem. Dr. Phillips invented the ReBuilder for his father who developed peripheral neuropathy. Dr. Phillips is now working on a device to make drawing blood easy and painless with only one stick because his 2 year old grandson suffered when they tried 7 times to get an IV line started (see

He is working on a new way to read X-rays when another grandson needed x-rays and every doctor differed in what they perceived, and a new vest that eliminates the old fashioned, uncomfortable sling when a friend broke her arm and the old style sling began to cause "frozen shoulder syndrome".

Inventor develops device to relieve peripheral neuropathy

The Holland-Springfield Journal, Perrysburg, OH — May 14, 2013

Dr. Phillips of Charles Town, West Virginia, spoke at a recent seminar sponsored by Restorative Concepts of Holland. He began his career as an inventor when his children were young.

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Dr. David B. Phillips showcased on the Heartbeat of America hosted by William Shatner

Dr. Phillips was featured on the Heartbeat of America TV program. Produced by William Shatner, and showcases companies that are making a difference and changing the world.