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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have been told there is nothing I can do...

    There is something you can do. For most, pain is completely eliminated during treatment. After the treatment, the pain is usually diminished about 50%. With continued use, the level of post treatment relief improves, and the beneficial effects will last longer and longer. Usually, after about 6-8 weeks of 2 daily treatments for 30 minutes each, you will be able to reduce your treatments to once per day, and then to 2-3 treatments per week for maintenance.

  • My Neurologist did a NCV test or an EMG test...

    An NCV test records the speed at which the nerve impulse travels a specified distance. This relates to the diameter of the nerve and the degree of myelination (insulation) on the axon of the nerve. Since it shows the condition of the best nerve fibers, damaged nerves may not be indicated by the test in all cases. An EMG test looks for electrical activity in the muscle during contraction. This may help differentiate between nerve damage or dysfunction and neurological disorders. Both of these tests will simply confirm what you already know, your nerves are not working properly, and because of it, you feel things you shouldn’t and don’t feel what you should. It may also tell you that your nerves and muscles are not communicating properly with each other, again something you already know.

  • They say there is nothing they can do for me except give me pills for the pain...

    There are a lot of different medications that will help mask the pain. Anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, and narcotics are often used. Unfortunately, as they numb the pain, they numb all nerve sensations, contributing to your diminished sensory perception which may adversely affect your balance and gait, among other things including cognitive function. These drugs are not a solution, just a cover up and as your body becomes more acclimated to them, dosages will increase, as will their side-effects. The ReBuilder can control this pain without drugs or side-effects.

  • My MD/Neurologist says the ReBuilder will not work...

    Thousands upon thousands of successful cases say otherwise. More than 5,000 doctors regularly prescribe it. Take a look at our list of treatment centers. Could they all be wrong? Doctors today are overloaded with regulatory issues, running a business, trying to maintain a family, etc. it is difficult to keep up with all the new technologies. You can suggest that your physician call our office to discuss the ReBuilder personally.

  • The cost of this program is not (entirely) covered by my insurance...

    The ReBuilder is a covered expense under Medicare and other insurance guidelines as either an E0720 for the Model 300, and E0730 for the Model 2407. In today's political environment, these organizations are seeking to save money and do everything possible to either deny your claim or delay paying it. Often the criteria for coverage is very narrow or the paperwork process required is extremely complicated. ReBuilder Medical Inc. is not in-network with any insurances nor is it a provider. Most people bite the bullet and simply purchase their ReBuilder outright and thus they can begin eliminating their pain immediately. If you do want to go through your private insurance company contact them prior to purchasing to see what their specific requirements are.

  • What about LED, Laser, EMS, TENS, FSM, PEMF, and IFC?

    Laser and LED therapy are designed to perform deep tissue warming, which vasodilates thereby enhancing blood flow. They may also stimulate ATP production which is what your cells use for energy. They do very little, if anything, to stimulate the nerve itself. This sort of treatment is an excellent adjunct to ReBuilder stimulation, and is in fact used by many physicians along side the ReBuilder. It is however, not a cure on its own.

    Common electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) machines directly stimulate the muscles to enhance blood flow through mechanical contraction. Electrode pairs are placed in close proximity (2-10”) apart and stimulate only the small, isolated area between. This may result in improved temporary flow and over time, a strengthening of the treated area. There is no nerve component to its output. A neuromuscular electronic stimulator (NMES) is a variant of this which stimulates muscle contraction indirectly, through the motor neuron.

    Typically transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulator (TENS) devices send a high frequency, square wave signal between paired electrodes in close proximity (2-10” apart) that over-stimulates the dendrite of the nerve to impair its ability to propagate the impulse. Acting as an electric analgesic, this numbs the immediate area during treatment and for a short time after. This signal is sometimes manually adjustable in terms of its frequency (how fast it is repeated) but is nonetheless ‘foreign’ to the nerves and by inhibiting their function, exacerbates pre-existing numbness issues. There is no muscle component to its output.

    Frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) devices are really just a variant of TENS, with a much lower output. At less than 1 µA (1 millionth of an ampere) it is 1/1000th the power of TENS, which usually run at 1mA (1 thousandth of an ampere). The idea here is to stimulate electrical activity at a cellular level. Unfortunately generating a stable square wave current at this level is challenging and the mechanism of action very much depends on proper application. There is no muscle component to its output.

    Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) is mostly used in orthopedics to promote bone healing by way of the piezo-electric properties of pulsed magnetic fields. There is no direct nerve or muscle stimulus to its output, however it is thought that the rapid change in field intensity induces an electrical component, causing muscle contraction to enhance local blood flow at the point of contact.

    Interferential (IFC) based on a very high frequency, square wave signal which as a result crosses the skin with greater ease than standard TENS, reaching deeper tissue. By crossing 2 signals of varying frequency, the stimulation is concentrated at the point of intersection (interference) to block pain messages. This is a similar method of action to TENS, but at a deeper tissue level. Some claims have been made with regard to reduced inflammation or edema. Practical application, particularly in a home therapy setting, is difficult, as coordinating the point of intersection is highly variable based on pad placement and frequency choices. It is very often a ‘hit or miss’ or ‘shotgun’ approach to treatment, providing only temporary relief at best.

    Neuropathy affects the entire peripheral nerve pathway. Treatments using close proximity electrodes are local treatments, and are therefore doomed to fail. The ReBuilder treats all your peripheral nerves at once.

  • Does the ReBuilder treatment hurt? What does it feel like?

    The ReBuilder feels good. The signal feels like a tiny, tingling massage that quickly pulses on and off. You can manually adjust the intensity setting for maximum comfort. Treatment typically brings color and warmth back to the feet as a result of increased blood flow, and relaxes the muscles along with pain relief.

  • How will I know when it is working?

    As for the ReBuilder itself operating properly, the ReBuilder has an indicator light that lights up every time a signal is sent. This will tell you if the unit itself is generating a pulse. To test the wires that lead to the signal pads, you can apply the adhesive signal pads to your forearm (a few inches from each other) and slowly increase the intensity setting until you can feel it. Always be sure you have a good battery installed.

    As for whether your ReBuilder is working to reduce your symptoms, this can be a subjective analysis based upon your particular set of symptoms. Usually, during the actual 30 minute treatment session, the sensation of pain will be totally gone, and then you will experience a significant reduction in pain for 4 to 5 hours. This level of post treatment relief will gradually increase in effectiveness and duration with each successive treatment. If you are taking any pain medications, you may be able to reduce your prescriptions with the help of your physician, reducing their side effects.

  • What if it stops operating? How long is it warranted for?

    The ReBuilder carries a 5 Year Warranty against problems with workmanship. If you have a problem, you can return it and we will repair it or replace it as necessary and return it to you. We will pay the return shipping charge. ReBuilders built in 1987 are still working perfectly. Non-workmanship or customer caused damages or failures will be considered on an individual basis. 85% of our sales are referrals so we want you to keep your ReBuilder running so you can share your success stories with others. ReBuilder Premium Conductive Garments carry a 90 warranty against defects.

  • What if I do not have a licensed healthcare professional?

    Please use our Find a Doctor Page to locate a provider in your area to obtain a prescription. Click here to read more.

  • The ReBuilder seems expensive, why is that?

    The ReBuilder is a very sophisticated, highly technical medical device that performs more functions than a pace maker. It has 3 microprocessors that has more computing power than your iPhone®. It is relatively inexpensive compared to this similar technology.

    Costs in addition to the actual manufacturing must be factored in. Quality control, web design and development, credit card processing, distribution and advertising cost of the ReBuilder, are all incorporated along with government mandated licensing, regulatory fees and insurances.

    Because you can likely reduce your current medications, and avoid surgical interventions etc., the ReBuilder pays for itself in no time. Add to that, the value of maintaining your mobility, freedom and independence, the ReBuilder is truly one of life's real bargains. Quality care is not expensive; it is priceless.

  • Can everyone use the ReBuilder?

    The ReBuilder is safe for almost everyone. As with all medical equipment we suggest that pregnant women and children should not use the ReBuilder. The ReBuilder is safe to use with all non-electric surgical implants such as screws, plates, pins etc. It is contraindicated for patients with certain pacemakers, especially those with the defibrillator accessory. You can check with your cardiologist and even have him call us for a technical consultation to determine if you can use the ReBuilder under his direct supervision.

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