About ReBuilder

ReBuilder® a Highly Specialized TENS Unit

ReBuilder® Medicals device is a highly specialized TENS Unit that is used in diabetic, cancer, chiropractic, and other clinics all over the world. A NeuroElectic Therapy device that is not like the common TENS Unit. ReBuilder® rebuilds the nerves by using a patented waveform that conforms automatically to each patients specific needs. It calms the nerves and increases blood flow to the affected areas that allows for the nerve cells to heal.

If a person is suffering from peripheral neuropathy, idiopathic pain, nerve pain or painful numbness ReBuilder® is a proven method of healing to use.

It has proven effective in 94% of the people that it has treated.

It even has a 50% success rate in those who have used it for treating Fibromyalgia!

About ReBuilder

How Does ReBuilder Work?

How is ReBuilder® different from a common TENS Unit? ReBuilder® is a highly specialized TENS Unit. It has a built-in microprocessor that automatically measures several physiological functions of the nerves.

Beginning with the first healing signal, ReBuilder® uses a patented waveform that automatically adjusts itself to the individual patients needs. A common TENS Unit uses a square waveform that delivers the same square waveform to everyone. What this means is, ReBuilder® delivers a wave of current that forms itself to the exact form needed to balance out the deficit to the damaged nerve. It gently delivers its “compensatory” wave that frees the nerve from the inflammation by letting blood and vital minerals reach it, thus helping it to heal. ReBuilder® reduces the inflammation and brings relief. Over time, using ReBuilder® the nerves can completely heal. A TENS Units square waveform delivers relief. However, this square waveform can permanently damage nerves. The square waveform of a common TENS Unit is like beating something into submission because it harshly hammers the nerves. ReBuilder®  gently and carefully treats nerves.

The Schumann Resonances

The Schumann Resonances is the magnetic healing pulse of the Earth. This naturally occurring magnetic pulse measuring at 7.83 HZ, is Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Laboratory research has also shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance has the effect of increasing their immune protection. This 7.83 healing frequency is the frequency that ReBuilder® works on, it is an all-natural treatment that is based on the natural pulse of our planet.

The logic behind using the 7.83 HZ Shumann Resonances frequency is that it takes time for the nerve cell to re-polarize or reset itself between the transmission of nerve signals. Minerals delivered by the increased blood flow, must be able to squeeze through little holes in the cell wall, and then return to the blood stream. This takes time. We have found that if we slow down the treatment to 7.83 times per second, it gives the nerves time to re-polarize and to prepare for the next signal. You can read more here…….

ReBuilder® has been tested in several case studies and has shown remarkable success in these studies results. Several books have been written recommending ReBuilder® also. The best proof that ReBuilder® works though, is in reviews from both Patients and Doctors.

rebuilder schumann

How is ReBuilder® Different From a TENS Unit?

In effect, the ReBuilder® acts like a pacemaker works for your heart’s electrical signals. If a pacemaker does not send exactly the right signal, then the four chambers of the heart may not pump the blood in the proper order. Additionally if the pulse from a pacemaker is too fast or too slow, the heart stops. Having the correct frequency in any medical device is extremely important.

In the image above, you can see how ReBuilders® patented waveform compensates the deficit created by the injury.

In the image below, a square waveform demonstrates the common TENS Units output.

So – you see, ReBuilder® is a Highly Specialized TENS Unit.

ReBuilder® is FDA approved & is available only with a prescription.

ReBuilder –  FDA approved -Highly Specialized TENS Unit – it works.

The common TENS Unit uses an unnatural and uncontrolled signal that pulses 90 – 100 times per second. These signals cause the nerves to temporarily stop operating. This method temporarily provides some pain relief; however this method can cause more inflammation, numbness and can permanently damage the nerve cells and can possibly result in permanent paralysis.

The Proof is in ReBuilder® Reviews!

“I can now walk better! The pain in my leg is gone. What a relief! I am now using it once a day. The walker is in the closet. My symptoms are so much better. I say to anyone if you have a problem – get the ReBuilder.”

H.C. in Longview TX

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Above All, ReBuilder Has Helped Countless People Enjoy Life Again

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