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ReBuilder Medical, is a holistic medical device, research, development, and manufacturing company that is located in Charles Town, WV.

The company invents and develops its own proprietary products and technologies. In fact, most of these technologies are a result of our direct belief in providing an effective service to humanity.

ReBuilder® Medical, indeed prefers the natural and holistic approach to helping people.

As a result of our efforts, people throughout the world benefit from the healing effects of the ReBuilder®  medical device.

Additionally, ReBuilder’s® Founder, Dr. David Phillips invented the ReBuilder® device to help his own Father heal from neuropathy. He is an internationally known inventor of medical devices. His inventions include the infrared ear thermometer – found in almost every home today.

Read more about Dr. Phillips here.

ReBuilder® Medical – Our Vision

At ReBuilder® Medical our vision is – “To end debilitating neuropathic pain and suffering by creating worldwide awareness about our effective, holistic medical device and to immeasurably enrich the lives of all who need our help.”

Our Core Values

ReBuilde®r Medical, Inc. - Our Core Values

ReBuilder Medical – Because We Care

We are passionate about helping people and we pride ourselves on being people of integrity who represent a product that delivers results. We pursue opportunities to help even more people by taking our products and introducing them to new markets, developing new products for existing markets, and continually improving across the company to ensure that ReBuilder® Medicals’ solutions are always a global leader with people who suffer from neuropathy.

ReBuilder Medical Mission Statement

ReBuilders’® mission is to be, a world leader in the development and distribution of high-quality, high-technology medical products. Specifically, working toward the development of products used to treat patients suffering from nerve pain, neuropathy and painful numbness.

We are always committed to remain the leading provider of nerve pain relief and numbness by creating, distributing and marketing of the highest quality medical products that are available today. Even more, Rebuilder® is committed to helping those who suffer from Neuropathic pain, Nerve Pain and Painful Numbness, so that they can achieve a higher quality of life.

In addition, our goal is to conceive, develop, manufacture, and sell state-of-the-art medical products. Development of products, that will therefore improve the quality of life of people living throughout the world.

Our commitment is to offering our products and exceptional customer service. To assist us in realizing our goal, ReBuilder® Medical, Inc. will likewise adhere to the following main guiding principles:

  • Technological Leadership – To be at the technological forefront in the conception, development, commercialization, and production of our medical devices in order that we may subsequently help people.

  • Employee Development – Our commitment is to the development of our employees so that they may reach their full potential in their field.

  • Customer Service -ReBuilders’® goal is to provide our customers with excellent, high-quality service and customer support so that they always have a positive experience.

“ReBuilder® Medical, Inc. – Drug Free – Nerve Pain Relief – That Works!”

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