ReBuilder® Professional Staff

ReBuilder® Medical Professional Staff

“Never worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time and start with the person nearest you.” MT

Dr. David B. Phillips
David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D...........

David B. Phillips, MD, Ph.D. 

Is an internationally recognized electronic medical device inventor who holds many patents and received the Inventor of the Year Award in 1986 for the Infrared ear thermometer that is the standard for taking the body’s core temperature all over the world. He is the inventor the ReBuilder® device and is Founder/Owner of ReBuilder® Medical, Inc.

Dr. Phillips is the Chairman, Board Certification Committee of The American College of Physical Medicine.

Currently he is the instructor for Chiropractors, MDs and DOs seeking certification in: Board Certification in Neuropathy, Board Certification in Chronic, Intractable pain, and Board Certification for Opioid Addiction/withdrawal.

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Brian Sheldon

Hi , I am Brian Sheldon.    I have had the blessing of working for ReBuilder Medical Inc.  for over 15 years.   My background is nursing, mostly hospital and geriatrics.  ReBuilder Medical has given me the opportunity to change people’s lives. I work closely with thousands of physicians who dispense the ReBuilder therapy to their patients. Daily talking to patients who are able to now do the  things they want to do without pain or fear of falling gives me purpose.    We are a close knit team here and enjoy meeting the challenges of a growing company by working together.

“Helping others, always helps you in return”      

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Sandi Cerkez

Welcome! I’m Sandi, Executive Marketing Director here at ReBuilder® Medical, Inc.  Every morning I say to my Higher Power and to my dog, Butter “Come on let’s go” – then we jump into the Jeep and head off to work together!

Since April, 2018 I have worked with ReBuilder® Medical, Inc. It is a true blessing to me that I found them. We help so many people! I’m truly awed when I hear people talk about how ReBuilder® has changed their lives – our device has helped people walk again and it has rid others from debilitating pain – how cool is that? It is my goal, to make everyone who could benefit from ReBuilder® treatments, aware of its existence.

Every day I feel fortunate to work with the compassionate, strong team of folks who are here. Butter, my dog is also happy here. It’s good to love where you work, and I do.  I go home from work every day, a happy person to Tom, who to me – is the best husband in the entire world.

“Life is good”

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Marie Ottaviano

Hi! My name is Marie, I wear many hats here at ReBuilder Medical. I make sure the money is coming in, the bills are paid on time and paychecks go out every week. I handle Human Resource issues and Employee Benefits. I also like to think of myself as the team motivator or team cheerleader. I send out daily messages to inspire and motivate everyone and I make my rounds a couple of times a day to check on how everyone is doing.

I enjoy working at ReBuilder because we are a small company that really is just like a family. Everyone is super nice, and we get along just like a family does… We are a great team! The atmosphere here is pretty laid back, not a stuffy office. I have a 7-year-old son, and they are very flexible with my schedule if I need to change it to do something for him. They even let me bring him in during the summer for a couple of hours every week when his camp ends early. Dr. Phillips usually has a fun project, or something planned for them to do together. Between Dr. Phillips “Mr. Giveaway”, Brian “Mr. Fantastic” and everyone else working here, Tyler comes home almost every time with some small toy, candy and even money…. Tyler loves coming to work with me, he loves the people and Butter, Sandi’s dog

I love that the product we sell actually helps people heal without them having to take a bunch of medications that will only take the pain away and all have crazy side effects. I also love that Dr. Phillips gives a huge amount of consideration to patients at the Cancer Treatment Centers.

“Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life”

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Travis Mong

I am ReBuilder Medical’s IT Director, setting our technology strategy while establishing, monitoring and maintaining systems and services.

Forever playing with technology, I love to constantly learn anything new and developing in the tech world.  Working at ReBuilder Medical, I can research and present new technology to move the company forward in the process of educating myself.


ReBuilder Professional Staff
Logan Stanley

As a Customer Service Representative and Marketing Assistant, I do many things. I truly enjoy talking to both doctors and patients alike, as I am able to assist both groups in ordering products to benefit their well-being. I find it personally rewarding to answer questions directly from the patients, both about our products and how they work, to show them they have a second lease on life. As a former flight medic in the United States Air Force I find this job just as rewarding, knowing that I am still helping, bettering, and changing people’s lives. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I have a sexy phone voice. The only downside is that people can’t visibly see how handsome I truly am.

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Susan Brousseau

I love being part of a company that provides a safe and effective treatment for people suffering from neuropathy and other chronic pain conditions.

Working in Customer Service as a Representative is very satisfying to me. I also work in the Production/Quality Control department to help make sure that the equipment that goes out to our customers is working at its very best!

It is very fulfilling to me personally, to have others share their hope and experiences of becoming pain free as a result of using the ReBuilder Treatment.

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Diva Kelly

I am an IT Specialist at Rebuilder Medical. I help keep the technology cooperating with others.

I’ve always loved computers and ReBuilder Medical has given me an opportunity to learn and grow in my respective field.

 “I don’t need to get a life. I’m a gamer, I have lots of lives.”

ReBuilder Professional Staff
Mike Hunt

I enjoy working for company whose primary focus is helping people. I do my part by making sure their orders are correct, complete, and are shipped in a timely manner.   


Resident tail wagger, mutt and cheerful companion. I think that my toys are my work!

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