ReBuilder Medical

Using the ReBuilder®

The ReBuilder is easy to use. There are several delivery methods depending on the severity of your symptoms and convenience factors such as traveling, and if your toes are affected. The ReBuilder itself comes with self-adhesive and conductive carbon rubber electrodes, but there may be times when you treating doctor may want to administer the ReBuilder's signals in different ways. We offer some of these other independent products for your convenience - click here to see other ways to use the ReBuilder. The three most common ways are shown below.

Self adhesive conductive electrodes

Self adhesive electrodes are applied directly to the skin, one on each foot, or one on each hand.

Conductive garment electrodes - Socks or Gloves

Conductive socks can be used for better treatment of the toes. They can be used dry, or for an even greater level of stimulation, they can be used with electrolyte to enhance signal delivery. To use, you simply put them on, snap the ends of the lead wires to the socks, and turn on the ReBuilder.

ReBuilder Foot Pads

The simplest, most convenient way ever to treat at home. Simply place the 2 electrode pads flat on the floor, lightly mist with the electrolytic conductivity enhancer (included), rest your feet on the pads, and turn on the ReBuilder.

Click here to read more about the ReBuilder Foot Pads.