How is the ReBuilder Different from a TENS

What is a TENS?

TENS equipments (Transcutaneous Electronic Nervous Stimulation), applies an electrical signal to the nerves through the surface of the skin. Normally a TENS equipment generates square signal waves which are not familiar for the nerves, this kind of device produce a high frequency that disables and inhibits the nerves by over stimulating them.

There are certain TENS devices that allow to adjust the frequency and amplitude of the electric waves, once these have been configured, the signal that will be produced will be the same for each user during the treatment. A standard TENS device sends its signal from one electrode to another (6 to 8 “apart). This numbs a small area where electricity is applied creating an analgesic effect. This may offer a degree of relief in the area, temporarily dismissing the pain on the affected part, it is not a solution as it will usually aggravate (or cause) the numbness problem.

TENS Unit Square Wave SignalThe TENS Unit Square Waveform

The TENS devices are configured to emit thick signals via “2×2” conductive electrodes, for this reason it is not possible to adjust them for different application methods such as conductive garments, etc. TENS devices can cause great damage; the continuous use of a standard TENS can cause permanent numbness.

What does the ReBuilder do differently?

The ReBuilder also sends electrical signals through the skin surface, so by FDA definition of the ReBuilder is considered a TENS, but the ReBuilder is a specialized and much more controlled nerve stimulation device. The intelligent technology of the ReBuilder incorporates 3 microprocessors, which control the sophisticated biofeedback circuit and at the same time provide muscle stimulation. This allows the use of the ReBuilder to be unique, in addition to providing a completely different experience and treatment results. The important thing is not only that the device stimulates the nerves but more importantly, how it stimulates them.

The ReBuilder allows its signal to be sent from one foot to another (or from one hand to another), through the biofeedback circuits, the signal effectively stimulates the path of all the nerves from the tip of the fingers to the base of the spine on both legs or hands. That’s why the waves that the ReBuilder produces reach greater areas than a standard TENS. The biofeedback mechanism constantly modulates the shape of the outgoing wave according to the need of the user using the previous signal as a reference. All this happens in real time, at a speed of 7.83 times per second. The ReBuilder treatment not only sends personalized impulses, but will change as the user’s body responds favorably to the healing impulses during the treatment time.

ReBuilder Unique Waveform

How does that affect the result?

The ReBuilder, so to speak, can “Talk to the nerves” in a way that is not unfamiliar, thus being able to control pain and discomfort without impeding the nerve’s ability to propagate an impulse. It does not cause or worsen numbness to achieve its goal. The aforementioned is very important for a person who has neuropathy, as this may have problems with balance or gait, and it is very important at the moment that the entire leg is being stimulated. Could you imagine numbing the whole leg on purpose and implications that this may have?

The frequency generated by the ReBuilder has the ability to stimulate muscle activity, thus causing stable rhythmic contractions which allows the blood to move smoothly towards the heart and help the lymphatic system. This helps eliminate toxins, while, at the same time, helps the delivery of fresh and nutrient-rich blood to the nerve endings. Since the signal originates from the most distant part (the foot), it takes full advantage of the natural compression effect. Over time, this will help strengthen stunted muscles.

Our bodies want and have the ability to heal themselves, we just need to give them the tools so that they can do it. The mobility of the user is not going to be compromised since the ReBuilder relieves the pain without causing numbness. Unlike the use of drugs, there are no debilitating side effects. By being able to control your nerves electronically instead of use of medication, it would be possible to reduce or suspend the pain relive medicine, thus eliminating the side effects that can be experienced with increasing doses. By increasing circulation in the extremities, the natural healing process of the body is nourished. All this can be further improved with adequate nutritional supplementation.

The cost of the ReBuilder is greater since this is a real medical device that adapts to the functional nerves of the user and has safety circuits. As the user improves, the impulses of the ReBuilder adapt to their individuality. There is no equipment that is compared to the ReBuilder. This device is manufactured in the United States since 1987. The team has been improving since its launch thanks to the advancement of science.

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