ReBuilder Medical

How the ReBuilder® Works

The ReBuilder is an FDA registered Class II medical device designed to help alleviate painful symptoms by supporting your body’s natural healing processes.

Simple to use, The ReBuilder fits in the palm of your hand while sending tiny electrical signals, governed by its specialized biofeedback circuitry, to treat both legs in their entirety at the same time.

As you read How It Works you will begin to understand why the ReBuilder is so important to recovery.

Restores blood flow

ReBuilder treatment gently stimulates the leg muscles in a steady rhythmic contraction beginning at the foot working its way toward the body. This helps the body’s own natural venous blood pump mechanism to enhance circulation. Increased blood flow means reducing edema, flushing away toxins and improved nutrient delivery to even the most distal parts of the feet.

Re-educates muscles

The ReBuilder produces a mild outside electrical current that stimulates the nerves, sending messages to muscles in the legs, telling those muscles to contract and relax. These continuous muscle contractions caused by the ReBuilder mimic healthy passive exercise. Therefore muscles weakened by reduced activity are re-strengthened while using the ReBuilder without risk of damage or injury that may be caused by more physically demanding exercise. This can have positive effects on your balance and gait.

Relieves pain

Pain is a stressor. It causes us to experience unpleasant physiological effects. Undertreating pain is detrimental to our biological health. Many report they receive inadequate pain management and that drug treatment is not enough. The most common use for electrical stimulation is to relieve pain. The ReBuilder helps to control your pain and discomfort while simultaneously strengthening muscles and increasing local blood flow to help your body’s healing process. The ReBuilder also stimulates endorphin release, relieving pain stressors, to get you back to a healthy state of being. Read more...