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ReBuilder® in the Media

In the Media

The ReBuilder Treatment System on ABC News

Length: 1:57

David Phillips, CEO of ReBuilder Medical, Showcased on Heartbeat of America

Length: 26:02

ReBuilder showcased on CBS

Length: 1:57

ABC News about the ReBuilder and Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Length: 3:58

Dr. Renee Hartz on American Health Front

Length: 3:11

Doesn't want to miss a treatment

Length: 1:14

The ReBuilder even helps with MS discomfort

Length: 2:03

Instructional videos and doctors using the ReBuilder

Check out the NEW ReBuilder Foot Pads

Length: 1:43

Dr. David B. Phillips demonstrates the Annular Electrodes for Joint Pain

Length: 4:27

Demonstration of the ReBuilder being used with a footbath

Length: 9:33

Dr. David B. Phillips using the ReBuilder with Conductive Socks

Length: 3:32

Dr. Wirick performs the impossible!

Length: 4:12

Matt Is Much Better, Thanks Dr. Gumm!!!

Length: 0:24

What is Intermittent Claudication?

Length: 0:52

Audio Interviews

Dr. Phillips interviewed on AM 630

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