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Neuropathy Mystery Solved

For years it has been a mystery how to manage neuropathy pain. However, people just like you, all over the globe, have discovered that they can have their life back and do the things they used to do, because their nerves can be rebuilt!

Regardless of your type of neuropathic pain: idiopathic, diabetic, chemotherapy induced, or trauma to the lower back, the ReBuilder® can help. Perhaps portions of your nerves were temporarily starved for oxygen. Maybe there was too much sugar in your blood before you got your diabetes in control. Maybe you had some pinching of your nerves somewhere, maybe you were exposed to a strong neurotoxin like black mold, pesticides or Agent Orange. Even statin drugs to reduce cholesterol, and drugs to lower your blood pressure can cause neuropathy.

Neuropathy Mystery Solved

Whatever the cause, one mechanical result was that your nerves may have adapted by contracting; they reduced their length and volume to conserve and survive, and the gaps between the nerves were expanded. Normal nerve signals could no longer jump this now enlarged gap. The nerve impulses going to and from your brain, muscles and blood vessels were obstructed. Your brain began to ignore the impaired signals, resulting in the sensations of pain, numbness, tingling, or burning.

Over time, the impaired signals create confusion for the brain, resulting in painful or conflicting sensations like feeling cold when warm, feeling like walking on broken glass when not, feeling burning sensations.

Another reason for the dysfunction of your nerves derives from the etching away of the myelin sheath that surrounds certain types of nerves. Statins can do this when over used. Once these drugs clear out the cholesterol from your arteries and veins, they go looking for other areas of cholesterol concentration. The myelin sheath is composed of high levels of cholesterol. Thus your statin drugs can begin to etch away at this outside portion of your nerves and a short circuit ensues.

Sometimes the nerves are pinched by bones in your spine from spinal stenosis or from weak back muscles not holding your back straight, or by muscles in your buttocks or thighs getting tight and putting pressure on your sciatic nerve (piriformis entrapment syndrome). This compression disrupts the nerve signals, and/or causes ischemia (loss of blood flow). This ischemia inhibits the removal of toxins created by normal nerve function, and can reduce the amount of oxygen getting to your nerve cells. This muscle pressure can also "bend" the dendrites and axons of your nerves causing the myelin nodes to touch each other, bypassing the nodes of Ranvier. The myelin sheath nodes carry a positive potential and the nodes of Ranvier carry a negative electrical potential. The nerve signal travels down the nerve cell like a line of cascading dominoes. When these nodes touch positive to positive rather than positive to negative, the nerve impulse stops and your brain never gets the proper message. The ReBuilder sends a much larger signal down that nerve cell and resets all the nodes back to normal.

Neuropathic pain is a problem with your nerves. Your nerves use tiny electrical impulses to communicate with your brain. Therefore, neuropathy is an electrical problem, and it needs an electrical fix. Nutritional supplementation, physical therapy, etc can certainly help with your return to full function and mobility, but they cannot fix the electrical problem alone. The ReBuilder eliminates the painful symptoms immediately, and then gently supports your body's healing process.

Simply put on the conductive garments, sit in your easy chair, relax, and let your ReBuilder gently coax your nerves back to normal during your 30 minute treatment in your doctor's office, or in the privacy of your own home.