ReBuilder Medical

Note from the Inventor

David B. Phillips, Ph.D.By the time most people reach this site they are feeling frustrated, discounted and a bit discouraged. I felt that way when I searched for a solution to my father's leg pain. He had both pain and numbness so they wanted to give him anti-depressive drugs because they thought that he could not be experiencing both...but he was! All we were offered was the advice to "live with it. It's going to get worse over time. You'll likely wind up in a wheelchair." He was prescribed expensive prescription pain meds that caused his thinking to become fuzzy and only made the numbness and tingling worse. Sleeping was becoming a problem. He began to avoid planning social events because he could not predict his balance and gait. He stayed at home all day, losing more and more of his precious mobility every day.

I felt helpless watching this once strong man begin to avoid family gatherings, resist golfing, shopping, and yard work for fear of falling. He thought he was headed for a life in a wheelchair. There had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

You see, I am a medical device inventor. I invented the GST Breast Cancer Detection System in 1976 when my then 30 year old wife developed a lump in her breast. Fortunately, it turned out not to be cancer.

After becoming a father to our four children, I invented the world's first infrared ear thermometer (First Temp, 1985) in response to my concern with the dangerous level of mercury used in the common glass thermometers and the danger of breaking it inside the rectum. I again said "There has to be a better way!" This modality is used all over the world today.

When my dad's discomfort began to affect his quality of life, I felt a similar need to find a solution to his condition. The result of my research into resolving my father's painful neuropathy, is the ReBuilder®. His symptoms were relieved until he passed away recently from Alzheimer's, he lived a fully active life and worked every day in our quality control department.

In 1998 I invented a cure fo a childhood skin disease, Molluscum contageosum which presents with pimple like lesions all over the body. the only treatment was to cut them off, freeze them off, or put acid on them! My cure used tiny particles of silver.

In November of this year, audiences at the international Medica trade show in Europe were introduced to Veinplicity®, an electronic venipuncture assistant device I invented, which is planned for market release in May of 2016.

It is my hope that the ReBuilder will help you or your loved ones return to an active, pain-free lifestyle...just like it did for my dad.

Today the ReBuilder is the first line of defense for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, as one of the side effects of chemo is pain. Chemotherapy may be a "necessary evil" to treat their cancer, but sometimes the severity of the side effects can be devastating to their quality of life.

Thousands of clinics, rehab clinics, and pain clinics all over the world including the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, are now using the ReBuilder to provide symptom relief for their patients.

You, too can experience this effective therapy in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

While you are using your ReBuilder at home, you will not be alone. We have licensed medical professionals on staff that you can call Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm EST to help you with questions about the use of your ReBuilder. They can share tips, ideas and other resources that tens of thousands of other satisfied ReBuilder users have shared with us that might be helpful for you. All it takes is a quick toll free phone call to have this instant, free support. Real help, real people, right now.

Your ReBuilder comes with a 5 Year Warranty too. If, for some reason it stops working, we will repair or replace it immediately.

Please read everything here and then sit back and consider the possibility of being able to drive again, to play with your grandchildren, to work in the garage, to shop, to work in your garden. then consider the alternative. Neuropathy is a progressive disease and ask yourself if what you are doing for it now is working?

What have you got to lose but your pain? Please, even for the sake of your family who are worried about you, give it a try.

David B. Phillips, Ph.D.