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Dear Dr. Phillips,

A few years ago, I bought a ReBuilder 2407 from one chiropractor in Minnesota for my peripheral neuropathy. That is one of the best decisions I made. With twice daily use, my problem has gone down dramatically. I want to compliment you for the great invention.

-Narendra G, Chicago IL

I have thanked God many times for David Phillips Ph.D., the inventor of the ReBuilder; the company and the employees! Six years ago, the peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet was very painful and getting worse. It felt like needles were poking into all sides of my feet. It also felt like I was wearing a pair of shoes that was three sizes too small for me. I have never worn shoes three sizes too small, but that is how I imagined it might feel. If one of my toes got stuck on top of another toe, I could not move my toes to correct it. I would have to use my finger to move a toe off of another toe. I was faced with having to stop driving a vehicle because I was losing the feeling in my feet to feel the foot pedals. My poor feet were becoming a basket case at age 60. I have never had diabetes. Over the years, two different Medical Doctors examined my feet and we discussed the problems. Neither of them had any recommendations. Then my cousin Kirk told me about ReBuilder and that he had just ordered one. I was skeptical. When Kirk said it was working for him, I thought I would give it a try since doctors had not recommended anything for me. The purchase price of the ReBuilder was some of the best money I have ever spent on any medical expense! After the first treatment, I could start to feel some pain relief! After a few months of treatment, the pain had decreased some 90%! I can now move all of my toes! My primary physician is impressed. The other day when I called ReBuilder to order a replacement leadwire, Marie promptly answered the telephone and when I said my name, she said that is a name she had not heard in many years. Now that is customer service! I have no personal or business relations with the ReBuilder company or anyone involved with the company, other than as a customer. God bless America!

- D.E.

I have severe neuropathy to my lower legs, feet and toes from diabetes so I went to a therapy center for relief. Part of my treatment was the use of your Rebuilder device - so I bought one. The only relief I can get is from it. Thanks to your company I am able to sleep better.


Hi, there. People from Rebuiilder Medical . I've been suffering from demyelinating polyneuropathy for more than 25 years. At the begining it wasn't so painflul so, I didn't worry about it. But the sickness is cronic and by year 2002 the pain was unbearable . Doctors told me they would never find a cure and that I would en up my days in extreme pain in a wheelchair or in bed and without movement. I had a pain in my legs, arms and back 24 hours a day. I gave up my work. I starrted using Rebuilder in year 2017 and I have to say it works like a dream. I don't know if I am healed completely, but I had to drink ten different medications every day and now I stopped. I can walk more than five miles a day and I feel a normail tiredness. Nothing incapacitating. So, I think you have given me a second opportunity in my life. God bless you for that. thankk you, a million times.

-E.M. from Columbia

Thank you so much for developing the Rebuilder. I have been sharing my experience with the people around me. I do not know why so many of them doubt the science behind the device and are unwilling to look into your product. I can feel the results (after only 5 weeks).


Better able to fall asleep at nite.


Less pain in my legs today, even when playing golf.


I definitely have more feeling in my left foot toes now. The pain is definitely decreasing. The ends of my toes are still numb but I can feel something when I touch them. I can tap the ends of my big toe and know they are being touched. I am looking forward to being ticklish.


2 month assessment: treatment has marginally improved feet, and it appears to have slowed or stopped the progression into my lower legs. Balance also improved. It is well worth the money spent.


I am sleeping better and for longer periods.


My leg strength has mostly returned, so walking is easier.


1st treatment on the Footpads. Pleased with first session. Feel pretty good......excited for progress.


Thank you for your excellent customer relations.


Super customer service and many, many thanks from both of us.


I can't beleive something so small can do so much. Your ReBuilder has paid for itself in the first 15 minutes. It's worth a million dollars to me.


I am a diabetic and have had foot and hand problems with tingling and numbness for approx. 15 years.
I heard about the ReBuilider about 10-12 years ago. I purchased the machine and have been using it ever since.
It works great!.... I dont think that I would be using my hands or feet today if it were not for the ReBuilder.
Thank you, thank you.


The circulation in my feet is amazing now. The ReBuilder has been my angel.


I've been working with my Chiropractor for years, and I've never had relief like I had with the ReBuilder, from the first time he used it on me.


I was diagnosed with CIDP 7 or 8 years ago. I've had one (ReBuilder) for many years and it's most of the reason I'm still walking!


I was diagnosed with CIDP 7 or 8 years ago. I've had one (ReBuilder) for many years and it's most of the reason I'm still walking!


 Not as much pain in my feet and legs during the night.


I have the ReBuilder 300 and the new foot pads that I love!


I had forgotten that I had it. The pain in my legs just started getting worse; I got out the ReBuilder unit and took a treatment...
The pain was just about all gone in both legs and I just couldn't believe it.
I love my ReBuilder unit and will be using it more often now.
Why suffer when you have a device that will help you...
Thank God for the ReBuilder.