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ReBuilder 300 Kit
ReBuilder 300 Kit

ReBuilder® 300
Nerve Pain Eliminator

5 star review4.9(1,552) | HOSPITAL GRADE

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Eliminate your painful symptoms in just 30 minutes.  Never miss a vacation again with the ReBuilder 300 by your side.

  • Long Lasting Relief
  • Regain Feeling in Feet or Hands
  • Sleep throughout the night
  • Eliminate need for medication
  • Safe, Fast, Easy to Use

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ReBuilder 300 Nerve Repair Kit includes:
  • ReBuilder 300 Device
  • Footbath Kit
    • 4 x Electrolyte Conductivity Enhancer - 8.5 oz bottle
    • Non-Adhesive Pads 1 set (2 pads)
  • 1 Lead Wire
  • 8 Adhesive Pads
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Manual
Cindy G.
San Diego, CA

"I have severe pain to my lower legs, feet and toes so I went to a therapy center for relief. Part of my treatment was the use of your ReBuilder device - so I bought one. The only relief I can get is from it. Thanks to your company I am able to sleep better."

Robert R.
Philadelphia, PA

"2 month assessment: treatment has marginally improved feet, and it appears to have slowed or stopped the progression into my lower legs. Balance also improved. It is well worth the money spent."

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