ReBuilder Annular Electrode Strap, 50"

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Annular Electrode 50"

Extra large size strap for waist, up to a 50 inch circumference

Single strap only, to be used in pairs.

Note: The ReBuilder (either model, sold separately) is required for usage on the Annular Electrodes.


Basic Instructions

To enhance the effectiveness of treatment, the straps are to be used dampened with our electrolyte solution. The electrolyte is pH balanced to 7.0 to prevent any skin irritation from an overly basic or acidic blend. The proper minerals are included so that the ReBuilder®’s specialized waveform can be transmitted effectively.

The annular electrodes can be used in conjunction with common adjunctive therapies, including laser, LED, decompression tables and more. Since the ReBuilder® itself incorporates both nerve and muscle stimulus into its signal, there is no need, nor is it recommended, to use any other forms of TENS or EMS in addition to ReBuilder® stimulation. Treatment involves 15 minutes of stimulation on the joint, followed by 15 minutes of regular ReBuilder® foot-to-foot treatment to re-educate the nerves, since temporary collateral paths may have been established while the knee was traumatized.

ReBuilder® Joint Strap Demonstration

(4-minute video)


Quick, easy, painless; and most importantly, the patient feels good when finished.

Since their release in September of last year, we are continuing to receive positive reviews daily. Patients are reporting excellent pain relief, reduction of swelling, and improved range of motion, translating directly to improved balance and gait and increased mobility.

NOW AVAILABLE in different size lengths. We are pleased to offer these conductive annular electrodes in several size formats: 18″, 24″, 32″ and 50″. The small (18″) size is more suitable for wrists, ankles, and elbows. The medium (24″) size continues to be the standard for knee pain, while the large (32″) size accommodates those with a larger thigh. The extra-large (50″) size is designed to be used around the waist and when paired with the 32″ on the upper thigh, can be used to relieve hip pain.

The annular electrodes are also sold in an elbow kit (2×18″) or a knee kit (2×24″). They may also be purchased individually if you need to mix sizes. Remember, 2 are required for treatment.