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ReBuilder 300

The ReBuilder 300 is our base model small enough to fit in your hand. It is easy to use with a single output to treat one area at a time, such as both feet or both hands. It also has a simple on/off knob to control the intensity. The ReBuilder 300 is powered by a single 9V battery which will last about 2 months when used daily.

Price: $799.00

ReBuilder 2407

The ReBuilder 2407 model includes dual outputs to treat 2 areas at once, like your hands and feet. 3  frequency settings to choose from; 7.83Hz, EMS, TENS. It is powered by 9volt battery OR AC Adapter, which makes the ReBuilder 33% more powerful than the 300 model.

Price: $1199.00

Carrying Case

A convenient case to hold your rebuilder device and accessories for travel or organization. If you purchase a ReBuilder device it comes with a case but should you lose it we have replacements!

Price: $12.00

Adhesive Pads

Non-irritating adhesive pads you can safely place on your skin. These are reusable and long lasting. Comes as a set of four pads to use with your ReBuilder device. Replace when they no longer adhere to your skin. We also have larger quantities available by phone order.

Price: $8.00

Non-Adhesive Pads

Non-Adhesive pads used for footbath treatment. Simply attach to your lead wires and drop one pad on each side of the footbath bucket. Recommended replacement annually, or in case of damage.

Price: $7.95

Footbath Kit

The Footbath Kit is our MOST EFFECTIVE treatment. It is as simple as filling each side with water while adding a teaspoon of the Signa Spray to each side, dropping a pad in each side, and turning on your ReBuilder unit ( sold Separately ). You can relax while soaking your feet in a spa like foot bucket.

Price: $40.00

Conductive Garments

Our conductive Gloves & Socks, are one of our most convenient treatment methods. Simply turn the garment inside out, use the Signa Spray on the inside, then put on the garment, and spray the outside. A fast and light weight solution to your neuropathy needs while traveling or relaxing at home.

Price: $150.00/pair


Our foot pads create a simple way to treat neuropathy of the feet. This is one of our innovative proprietary products made uniquely for you. Simply spray the signa spray on the foot pads, plug in the lead wire to your ReBuilder unit ( sold separately ), sit down, place your feet on the foot pads and relax for 30mins.

Price: $280.00

Joint Straps

The straps are a convenient way to target a specific area around any joints. These straps are great for pain in your knees, hips, ankles, wrists, elbows, etc. We have multiple sizes available such as the Knee Straps and Hip Straps (our most popular). Larger sizes also available (18”, 24”, 32”, & 50”).

Price: $99.95 – $185.00

Snap Connectors

Replacement snap connectors for our conductive socks, gloves, and straps. In case you purchased our Conductive Socks, Conductive Gloves, or Conductive Straps and lost a snap. You can order a replacement here. The replacement comes as a pair.

Price: $8.99/pair

Electrolyte Solution

Enhances conductivity for our multi-faceted accessories. Used with footbath, conductive garments, joint straps, and foot pads. Our electrolyte spray comes in an easy to use 8.5oz. spray bottle. (Larger quantities available at a discount)

Price: $15.95 – $95.00

Alcohol Wipes

Use these alcohol wipes for cleaning your skin before adhesive pad application, or after removing the adhesive pads. This box includes a count of 100 alcohol wipes.

Price: $9.95

A/C Adapter

A/C adapter for 2407 model ONLY. It is not a charger. It is intended to replace the use of a 9V battery. This option is ONLY available for the ReBuilder 2407 model. Comes with the purchase of the ReBuilder 2407, but if you need a replacement order one below.

Price: $19.95

Lead Wires

Replacement wires for the ReBuilder 300 and 2407 devices. Used to connect the ReBuilder to our adhesive & non-adhesive pads, conductive garments, and joint straps. Suggested replacement annually. (More frequently if high traffic clinical use). If you have an older ReBuilder model call us.

Price: $19.95

9V Batteries

9V batteries for the ReBuilder 300 & ReBuilder 2407 Models. One 9V battery lasts approx. 2 months depending on usage and which ReBuilder model (the 2407 uses more power, which is why it includes an A/C adapter option). We have single purchase or 3-pack purchase available at a discount.

Price: $3.95 – $11.00

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