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Dr. Phillips Explains how Nerves Work

This video contains an in-depth explanation of nerve functions and how the ReBuilder® works in order to correct improper nerve function.

(30-minute video)

ReBuilder® is an effective way to treat painful symptoms. Registered with the FDA, ReBuilder® is safe, effective, affordable and is available only by a prescription. ReBuilder® treatment is comfortable and relaxing.

It works directly on the affected extremities! Additionally, it doesn’t interfere with the patient's medications.

Working on the 7.83 Hz Schumann resonances – the natural pulse wave of the earth- it has a more powerful electrical impulse than that of the human body. Additionally, using this waveform, it re-polarizes and re-educates the nerves to follow the correct paths. It enables nerve impulses to jump synaptic junctions, reconnecting injured nerves and delivering minerals and nutrients that help revitalize nerves.

Treatments with ReBuilder® promote new nerve growth and also restores blood circulation. Feeling to the patient’s extremities returns and a notable reduction of neuropathic pain occurs or it completely disappears. Often ReBuilder® reverses neuropathy and chronic pain symptoms and it restores nerves to their normal state allowing them to fully function on their own reducing the need for medication.

ReBuilder® Works on Three Separate Yet Simultaneous Levels to Immediately Begin Treating Painful Symptoms

Electrostimulation of Nerves at 7.83 Hz | Electrostimulation of Muscles | Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

How Does ReBuilder® Work to Heal Painful Symptoms?

The built-in ReBuilder® microprocessor automatically measures several physiological functions of the nerves. This microprocessor adjusts itself to the patients specific therapeutic needs – beginning with its first healing signal. For instance, when treating the lower extremities, this signal travels automatically from one foot, up the leg and across the nerve roots in the lower back, then down the other leg to the other foot.

ReBuilder® signals instantly produce a gentle buzzing feeling. These tingling impulses then reverse direction and go from one foot all the way back to the other. Additionally, these impulses treat all the nerves from the lumbar area down to the feet.

Healing immediately begins with the first signal – treating nerve pain and painful numbness problems.