ReBuilder Healing Device


ReBuilder Healing Device 2407

ReBuilder Device 2407

ReBuilder Healing Device 2407

Our most progressive & innovative ReBuilder healing device! This device has biofeedback integration and automatic variable waveform technology.

Tailored treatments for you

Three Frequency Settings & Dual Output design to maximize every ReBuilder treatment session.

7.83 Hz

1 – Relieves pain by stimulating the large afferent nerves with a waveform that is an identical copy of a healthy nerve impulse. Included is a proprietary circuit that uses the Bose® concept for noise suppression that cancels out extraneous aberrations in the returning reflex nerve signal.


2- Electrical Muscle Stimulation is effective to painlessly strengthen muscles that are otherwise too painful to exercise. The body naturally uses electrical messages to tell muscles what to do. EMS causes leg muscles to contract, helping push venous blood to improve circulation. It’s what the leg muscles naturally do when we walk or exercise.


3 – An immediate nerve pain block in small, localized areas through high frequency ‘buzzing’; an electric analgesic to ‘numb’ the area.

Retail Price $1,199

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ReBuilder Healing Device 300

ReBuilder 300

Designed to be simple, convenient, and effective. Same ReBuilder signal, smaller in size. Consequently, it fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand.

Retail Price $799

Simplicity in the palm of your hand

One Frequency Setting & Single Output design to effortlessly familiarize yourself with ReBuilder treatments.

7.83 Hz

1 – Relieves pain by stimulating the large afferent nerves with a waveform that is an identical copy of a healthy nerve impulse. Included is a proprietary circuit that uses the Bose® concept for noise suppression that cancels out extraneous aberrations in the returning reflex nerve signal.
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee!


Benefits of Buying Direct

The best way to experience the full benefits of restored blood flow, re-educated muscles, and relieved pain is to try the ReBuilder for yourself.

We are so confident that you will love the ReBuilder we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Try it for yourself today!

Cleared by the FDA

The ReBuilder is an FDA registered Class II medical device. That means the ReBuilder has been developed to deliver a safe and effective product. Read more

5 Year Warranty

We protect your investment! Every ReBuilder healing device comes with a 5 Year Warranty and in addition to this, Lifetime Complimentary Support!

Why are we so confident in our product and staff? We have been manufacturing ReBuilders for over 30 years! Read more

Optional Accessories Available

When used with the ReBuilder, our optional accessories allow you to experience the many facets of the ReBuilder’s dynamic waveform.

It’s easy to feel relief TODAY with ReBuilder!  Additionally, with so many accessories available to undoubtedly help you even more!

*Orders may be placed by phone Monday-Friday 8am-6pm EST.
**Offer valid for new customers. Not to be combined with any other promotion, discount, or group.

Here’s How To Become Eligible for Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Register Your ReBuilder

Register Your ReBuilder

Register your ReBuilder online by clicking the link at the very top of this page.
To do so you will need:

  • Invoice / Order Number How to find your invoice/order number
  • Serial Number How to find your serial number

Complete the Online Treatment Log

Complete the Online Treatment Log

Use your ReBuilder healing device according to instructions for 60 days and also complete the online daily treatment log. If you do not have Internet access to complete the daily treatment log, please call us regarding this during business hours at (877) 717-5487 for instructions. (Daily Treatment Log)

Call Us for Support

Call Us for Support

At the end of the second week of treatment, if your ReBuilder is not meeting your expectations, call us and you’ll be immediately greeted by one our many knowledgeable representatives. No automated touch dials or service centers. We’ll have one of our experienced nursing staff members suggest corrective changes to fit your particular needs.

Still Not Satisfied?

At the completion of your 60 Day Trial, if you are still not satisfied with your progress, call us to complete your return. We will give you a Return Merchandise Authorization # (RMA) and the address of our Quality Assurance Contractor so you can return your ReBuilder for Inspection. Importantly, this return must be completed within 14 days of completing the 60 Day Trial.

Send Us:

Your repackaged ReBuilder in the original shipping box.
Include all instructions and accessories.
Next, write the RMA # clearly on the outside of the box.

Any returned item that does not have a valid RMA n umber displayed on the outside of the box will consequently be returned by the Quality Assurance Contractor. Additionally, please ship it to the address supplied, insure your package and send it with a return receipt requested.

Furthermore, the RMA # is valid for 30 days.  If the package containing your device arrives after the 30 day window, it will then be rejected and returned by the Quality Assurance Contractor.

What Does the Quality Assurance Contractor Do?

The Quality Assurance Contractor will immediately examine your ReBuilder healing device to rule out any warranty issues that might be responsible for your dissatisfaction. If it is determined that there is a warranty issue, the Quality Assurance Contractor will repair and recalibrate the ReBuilder device, next they will ship it back to you, then your 60 Day Trial Period can be completed. Above all,  we will all know that the device is working properly.

If there are no warranty issues and we have analyzed your online treatment record for compliance, a 15% restocking fee will then be deducted from the purchase price (less original shipping costs) and the remaining amount will be issued as a refund within 30 days of final approval of the return.

Who May Apply?

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to new personal use purchases only, made directly through ReBuilder Medical, Inc. Additionally, this guarantee does not apply to refurbished equipment, discounted, seconds (cosmetically blemished items), distributors, or professional users (physicians), and is valid only in North America. Additionally, only the cost of the ReBuilder is refundable. Any optional accessory items added to the order are non-refundable. If you purchased your ReBuilder from another source, their policies will apply. If you obtained your ReBuilder through our Rent-to-Own program, this money back guarantee is consequently not applicable.

5 Year Warranty
Your ReBuilder® device carries a 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship.

If you have a problem, try our basic troubleshooting or please feel free to give us a call, we may be able to diagnose the problem and fix it over the phone.

If we can not correct the problem follow the steps below.

We will give you a return order number for your replacement ReBuilder.
Place this order number on the outside of the box.
In addition, send your ReBuilder with:

  1. The battery inside of  it
  2. The AC adapter if applicable,
  3. and the lead wire(s).

Then, for your records, write down the tracking number from the shipping company you select as well.
We will repair or replace your unit and ship it back to you.
Our conductive garments carry a 90 day warranty against defects in workmanship. Should you have a defective garment, please call us for return information. We will repair or replace the garment at our discretion.

All warranty claims are to be submitted to and processed, in this case exclusively by the manufacturer. Additionally, in this case the devices must be accompanied by a receipt for purchase or copy of a “dated order to dispense” executed by a certified physician’s office.


Finally, please contact ReBuilder Medical for all warranty claims (877) 717-5487

FDA Cleared

FDA & Regulatory Information

The ReBuilder® Neuro Electronic Therapy device is FDA compliant and cleared for:

  • Relief of chronic, intractable pain,
  • Post-traumatic pain,
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Increases local blood circulation
  • Preventing or retarding disuse muscle atrophy
  • Increase or maintain range of motion
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Muscle re-education
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Post-surgical stimulation to prevent venous thrombosis

510K Registrations


  • FDA Registration K882980
  • FDA Registration K874085

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