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We have collected a few ReBuilder Videos from several categories for your choosing. See how ReBuilder® has helped those who thought that there was no hope for their nerve pain find relief without relying on medication. Our ultimate goal is to help as many people suffering from nerve pain and painful neuropathy symptoms as we can.

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ReBuilder In the News


In this informational video, Dr. Renee Hartz explains a highly effective treatment option for those suffering from peripheral nerve pain. Using the ReBuilder on virtually every patient with myofascial therapy.


How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is combating nerve pain caused by chemotherapy with the ReBuilder invented by David B. Phillips, MD. Ph.D.

Channel 9

ReBuilder: Dr. Marc Ott using the ReBuilder helping his patients with nerve pain. One of his patients was unable to walk before using the ReBuilder 300 nerve pain treatment, and 90 days later is able to walk, lost 40 pounds, and his pain level has been cut in half!

ReBuilder in the Doctors Office

Dr. Wyrrick

...with Ms. Kathy

If you have Diabetes and or Nerve pain, do not miss this video. Kathy shares her success reducing the painful neuropathy symptoms from diabetes by using the ReBuilder.

Dr. Hayes

...with Ms. Virginia

Video of a patient who uses the ReBuilder for her pain after trying to use medication and seeing no improvement. She knew she had to try something else for her pain. That's when her doctor recommended the ReBuilder.

Dr. Wyrrick

...with Ms. Boehm

With the use of the ReBuilder, we are able to help our patients.

  • Stop Painful Burning Sensations in Your Feet at Night
  • Reduce Prescription Medications That Make You Feel Drowsy and Can Lead to Painful neuropathy symptoms

Dr. Shapiro

Select Carolinas | NC

He tells about his experience using the ReBuilder in his practice for neuropathy patients. His patients have had impressive results after using it and best of all they can treat themselves without setting up a doctor's appointment.

Dr. Krista

Centra Health | VA

She explains why and when they began to implement the ReBuilder in their Neuropathy patient protocol. Because it works well and it's easy for their patients to use at home.

Nancy Reed LMT.

United States

She found the ReBuilder 2407 for her husband. After 3 weeks of treatment her husband regained the function of his hands. After seeing the results first hand she has helped many of her patients get their lives back from what seemed like a hopeless situation!

ReBuilder in the Home

Roy Tucker

United Kingdom

"Within two weeks of it arriving my father was using it daily, and he was up and walking...not just walking but pacing around... It really has been an absolute life-changer and a miracle for my father."

Ms. Gail


"I had never used electricity to solve anything in my life, but I was willing to give this one a try... It changed my life for the better and I hope it will do the same for you."

Mr. Ward


"Since I've started these treatments I've got a whole lot of feeling back in my feet. I can tell when my feet touch the brakes... and every time I walk I can feel them touch the ground, and it's just been fantastic."

ReBuilder Products In the Shop

ReBuilder Foot Pads

These easy to use Foot Pads are convenient and easy to use. No more messy bucket with water. Simply spray the electrolyte on the Foot Pads, place them at your feet, connect to your ReBuilder and begin your treatment. Also works for hand and wrist treatment.

Conductive Socks

How the ReBuilder works with the Conductive Socks, and the steps to treat yourself at home with them. Get the socks wet and add the electrolyte solution for better conductivity. Slide the socks on, and treat yourself for 30 minutes with the ReBuilder.

ReBuilder Knee Straps

How to apply the ReBuilder knee pain straps and how to use them with your ReBuilder. There are four varying sizes of these straps as to not limit you from getting treatment where you need it. Can be used for elbows, wrist, knee, thigh, and even your back.