ReBuilder® Videos

ReBuilder® Videos

Made in America – ReBuilder® Devices are Like No Other Electronic Stimulation Device

Invented, designed, serviced and manufactured in The United States of America!

ReBuilder® Videos

ReBuilder® Videos – Useful information About Our Device

ReBuilder Videos are here for individuals like yourself, to watch and learn more about our great device!

As you scroll through, you will find numerous topics to choose from. Here you can see how ReBuilder® has helped many people who thought that there was no hope for their neuropathy.

We are pleased and very humbled that we are able provide such an effective device. It is our goal to help each and every person who suffers from neuropathy that we possibly can.

Increasing blood circulation along nerve pathways

Dr Selig using the ReBuilder for his patients

Additional Success with the ReBuilder

Using the ReBuilder 2407 with the footbath

Dr. Phillips Introduces the ReBuilder Foot Pads

Cancer, Neuropathy, Exercise, and the ReBuilder

Dr Renee Hartz on American Health Front

Dr. David B. Phillips using the ReBuilder with Conductive Socks

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