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Peripheral Neuropathy – Sciatica Pain Relief at Last!

Easy in-home treatment for sciatica pain relief, nerve pain, and painful neuropathy symptoms problems. Simply turn the ReBuilder on, its waveform automatically adjusts itself to your bodies specific needs, and afterwards, it turns itself off after the 30-minute treatment.

The ReBuilder® treats multiple areas of the body including Feet, Hands, Back and More!

Sciatica pain relief is, in fact – just a click away.

ReBuilder is 94% effective and is a Class II FDA approved medical device for the treatment of nerve pain.

The best way to experience the full benefits of restored blood flow, re-educated muscles, and relieve sciatica pain is to try ReBuilder®. A safe, drug-free and effective treatment for sciatica pain relief – nerve pain relief – ReBuilder® delivers!

We actually protect your investment! As a result, every ReBuilder® comes with a 5 Year Warranty and Lifetime Complimentary Support.

Additionally, why are we so confident in our product and staff? We have been manufacturing ReBuilders® and consequently helping people feel better for over 30 years!

Furthermore, ReBuilder® has optional accessories available that allow the many dimensions of the ReBuilder’s® dynamic waveform to help heal and repair damaged nerves.