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Stopping Neuropathy at Home with the ReBuilder

The Best Exercises for Neuropathy

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It’s no surprise that searching for relief from chronic, severe nerve pain is on the rise. With 20 million people (and climbing) suffering from neuropathy, we’re willing to bet that you’ve been Googling that, and it’s how you got to this very blog! If that’s the case, consider today your lucky day.

"Neuropathy's Worst Enemy" - Interview with Dr. Brian Prax

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How Dr. Brian Prax Makes The Impossible Possible By Reversing Neuropathy

We had the opportunity to sit down recently with pioneer-in-reversing-neuropathy, chiropractor, and author Dr. Brian Prax. Not only was he very candid with discussing his career and achievements, but he also detailed how the ReBuilder® is a crucial tool in his ongoing battle to help patients reverse the impact of neuropathy.

The Best Leg Stretches for Neuropathy

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If you’ve been following our blog you’ve no doubt noticed the effort we have been putting into educating those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and how to eliminate the agonizing “pins and needles” feeling that comes along with this horrible condition.

Neuropathy with No Known Cause (Idiopathic Neuropathy)

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You’ve been told by your doctor that you suffer from neuropathy, but your physician can’t pinpoint what the cause is. You haven’t had any surgeries. You’re not diabetic. None of your family members have ever received this diagnosis and you don’t drink. You find yourself asking “what’s going on here?” Excellent question. Today we’re going to provide you with some answers as well as a solution to help you find relief, even a cure, for this horrible condition- idiopathic neuropathy.

Avoid These Foods if You Suffer From Neuropathy

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Neuropathy sucks. Ask anyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy and they’ll tell you it impacts literally everything in their life. This constant discomfort takes people on a journey to find a method to help alleviate their agony. One of the first solutions you find involves diet and nutrition. In the previous blog post we mentioned some of the best foods to eat to boost nerve health. Today we’re going to discuss what you eat that could be a nerve-damaging food.

The Best Foods to Eat to Help With Neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy pain can easily throw your life into a tailspin. It impacts your daily activities and routine tasks that you used to take for granted like working on the yard, doing the laundry, or simply walking the dog, but it also has negative repercussions for your family and loved ones. You’re fed up with these chronic pains that can appear out of nowhere, ruining your plans for the day, but there are steps you can take to help keep these outbreaks in check.

The Best Vitamins And Minerals For Improved Nerve Health

The Best Vitamins and Minerals For Improved Nerve Health

Those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy understand the importance of exercise and diet to help keep pain in check. For those that don’t watch what they eat and live a sedentary lifestyle, pain flare ups can be much more frequent making it difficult to perform even the most common of daily tasks. Additionally, there are certain vitamins and minerals that, when taken as directed, can help to increase nerve health resulting in a decrease in the aches and pains associated with neuropathy.

Can Massage Help With Your Neuropathy Pain?

Can Massage Help With Your Neuropathy Pain

If you’re living with peripheral neuropathy it’s likely you’ve tried everything imaginable to find relief from the daily pain that seems to never go away.