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Accessories to Help You on your Neuropathy Journey: Don’t Just Survive, Thrive



Whether you’re newly diagnosed with neuropathy or a long-time sufferer whose condition has gotten worse, you always want to be sure that you’re doing the best you can to keep it at bay. We’ll keep this as simple as we can- here is a list of several things you can do to support your body.

Regularly Meeting with a Specialist

It might feel like a waste of money, but it really is a good idea to meet regularly with the provider you’ve chosen to manage your neuropathic health. Your doctor, especially one who specializes in neuropathy, receives peer-reviewed medical journals with new treatments, experimental therapies, and alternative medications on a regular basis. Just because something conventional doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean that it’s a scam- it means your body is different and your medical case is different. Medicine is always evolving, as it’s a science- the science of the human body.

Follow and Subscribe to Providers who Specialize in Nerve Conditions

Chiropractors, physical therapists also know a lot about the nervous system and can help you with rehabilitation. There are lots of resources out there, and lots are even free, and doable in your own home!

Here’s a sample:

Exercise Regimen

Yes, the very thought of exercising can be excruciating. Get up and walk, when the wrong step might cause a fall? Depending on how advanced your condition is and how in shape you are, we know this can be a tall order. But we don’t mean go out and run a 10k to keep your nerves healthy- that’s just not sustainable for so many people! What we do mean is that you should do low-impact exercise that just crosses the threshold to a challenge. You certainly don’t want to fall and injure yourself further, causing a hospital visit and more nerve-damaging prescriptions! Starting simple is the best way to go. Make sure you are stretching your whole body, but pay attention to your affected limbs, and try chair yoga! If you feel like chair yoga is a piece of cake, then move upward and challenge yourself with regular yoga, pilates, and maybe even jogging! Anything that moves your body is good for your mind, too.

Healthy Diet

We’ve shared with you the best and worst foods for your neuropathy in a couple of previous articles. In addition to that, we’ve also shared information about low-carb diets and other dietary changes that can help you manage your neuropathy. Be sure to be managing your supplements as well. Speak with your primary care doctor before starting any new diet. Joining Forums Just like your doctor has access to medical journals and new technologies, you too can be at the forefront of that by joining online groups and forums. There are so many people who suffer from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, genetic neuropathies, and idiopathic neuropathies! A group for all types. Having someone to talk to about the stress you’re under because of this disease is so very important. Maybe their experience parallels yours! Maybe they have a solution you haven’t tried or a condition like yours that you might be able to treat similarly.

Trying Things That Aren’t Pills

There are so, so many devices out there. Because there isn’t a pure cure for neuropathy (because there are so many causes!) it opens up the opportunity for all sorts of treatment devices- and you’ll find many of them don’t work. Again, don’t give up hope- it’s because this is medicine and you’re unique. Here’s a summary of non-pills you could try:

  • ReBuilder
  • TENS Devices
  • LED/Laser Therapy
  • Chi Device
  • Ozone therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Meditation
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Ice/Heat Therapy
  • Topical NSAIDs
  • Shoes/Garments

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Yes, we’ll toot our own horn here. What we want for you is to have success treating your neuropathy and reducing your pain, but we know it’s really hard to trust anyone on the internet. We definitely suggest visiting a doctor and trying a technology before buying it outright, when possible- after all, everyone is different! For many people, curing neuropathy isn’t a one-stop solution- it requires modifying your entire lifestyle- so that’s why we’re here, blogging for you! Regardless of whether you purchase a ReBuilder®, we want to give you the best information we can find about neuropathy and how to treat it. Our medically-trained reps are available for you to ask any questions about your neuropathy treatment plan from 8am- 6pm EST Monday through Friday.

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