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The Best Exercises for Neuropathy

It’s no surprise that searching for relief from chronic, severe nerve pain is on the rise. With 20 million people (and climbing) suffering from neuropathy, we’re willing to bet that you’ve been Googling that, and it’s how you got to this very blog! If that’s the case, consider today your lucky day. Not only are we going to share some of the best exercises available to help reduce your peripheral neuropathy pain, but if you read to the very end of this content we’re also going to let you in on what just may be the best-kept secret out there about how you can eliminate neuropathy from your life altogether! But, first things first. Let’s discuss how certain low-impact exercises can help alleviate your neuropathy pain.

yoga for neuropathy

Traditional Yoga

Yoga is highly beneficial for neuropathy patients based on the slow, methodical, graceful movements involved. This very low-impact exercise helps you stretch your body patiently, allowing you to achieve a degree of flexibility that can ease the pain that comes along with peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, yoga has been known to provide mental benefits, releasing stress and increasing pleasure-inducing chemicals in the brain.


When it comes to low-impact exercises, Pilates is one of the best tools to use for those suffering from neuropathy. One of the biggest benefits Pilates provides is possible improvement for your core and muscle strength without the risk of overdoing it. Concentrating on improving your muscle tone, flexibility and balance will also help reduce the risk of falling or tripping, which is a very real concern for those experiencing neuropathy pain in the feet and legs.

swimming for neuropathy


Swimming is one of the best exercises available as it works nearly every muscle in your body, but that doesn’t mean you need to swim laps like an Olympic athlete in training! For those impacted by daily neuropathy pain even performing low-impact aerobic exercises in a shallow pool can provide tremendous benefits. Of course, if you’re healthy enough to swim laps in addition to aerobic water exercises you’ll find that you’re able to get a better night’s sleep, which is often one of the biggest complaints from neuropathy sufferers when the pain wakes them up many times throughout the night.


Walking is a great low impact exercise that can provide many of the same benefits as jogging. If you’re not accustomed to exercising it’s important to start out with a realistic goal that you’re comfortable with, such as walking on a treadmill at a slow pace for twenty minutes or taking a short stroll each day (the equivalent of a half-mile). From there you can increase your distance gradually, being careful not to overdo it. It’s important to invest in a comfortable pair of footwear as tight, non-cushioned shoes will likely increase your neuropathy foot pain.

Exercise Is Great, But What If You Want To Actually Be Cured Of Neuropathy?

We promised earlier on in this article that we would let you in on a secret that can help you be rid of neuropathy altogether, and we’re about to make good on our word! It may sound impossible, but the ReBuilder® can cure your neuropathy, and you don’t even need to visit your family practitioner. Yes, you read that correctly, you can use the ReBuilder® in the comfort of your very own home.

What Is The ReBuilder®?

The ReBuilder® is a very sophisticated, computerized medical device created to not only relieve neuropathy pain with absolutely no side effects but can also cure this painful nerve condition entirely. This incredible device has become the standard of care utilized in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Institutions such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America have sung the praises of this unique treatment to help eliminate pain.

Unlike a typical TENS unit which blocks nerve paths so the pain signal can not reach the brain, the ReBuilder® was designed to open nerve paths. This helps to rehabilitate the nerves, bringing them back to their normal function and improving blood circulation to the extremities. The ReBuilder® also encourages the brain to release endorphins which can relieve anxiety, pain and sleeplessness.

What Users Of The ReBuilder® Are Saying

“The nerve pain in my feet and lower legs are practically gone when I use the device on a consistent basis.” -Fran D.

“This is the first testimonial that I have ever written in my life. My feet were completely numb and it was going up my legs reaching my knees. I have been using The ReBuilder® every day at least once since I received it. It has made a very wonderful difference. I love this little machine. It has given me my life back again!” - Eileen L.

“I was on a high dosage of pregabalin but it was turning me into a zombie. I got The ReBuilder® from my local doctor for a one-week trial and found that after 3 days it was giving me relief. I now use it 3 times a week and no more pills!”- Pete R

The ReBuilder® Is Guaranteed To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

We are so confident in the ability of ReBuilder® to help you reduce or eliminate the pain of peripheral neuropathy that we offer a 90 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

We Can Help You Eliminate Neuropathy In Just 30 Minutes

We understand we’ve given a lot to consider in this article, but hopefully, the conversation doesn’t stop there. If you would like to learn more about how you can find near-immediate pain relief from your neuropathy and even begin to help your body repair damaged nerve cells, please feel free to call us directly at 877.717.5487. If you’re ready to order your own ReBuilder® we have multiple choices to review at our online store.

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