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The Best Leg Stretches for Neuropathy

If you’ve been following our blog you’ve no doubt noticed the effort we have been putting into educating those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and how to eliminate the agonizing “pins and needles” feeling that comes along with this horrible condition. We’ve discussed a wide swath of topics ranging from what to eat and not eat in order to keep your neuropathy pain in check. In each of those posts, we also provided a groundbreaking treatment that can eliminate your neuropathy once and for all—and we’re going to explain that in this post as well—but today we’re going to provide valuable information on how specific stretching exercises can help reduce your neuropathy pain. Let’s get started!

Can Exercises Actually Help Reduce Neuropathy Pain?

Doctors and physical therapists agree that including a specific exercise routine in your daily life can help those suffering from neuropathy to have fewer and less intense outbreaks of pain. The great thing about the recommended exercises is they are very simple to perform and, for the most part, very low-impact and user-friendly. These stretching exercises are focused mainly on the legs and feet, helping to strengthen the muscles as well as improving balance, which is always a concern for those living with neuropathy.

Yes. Now, Put The Alphabet To Work For You

This is one of the easiest and best stretches you can do to help the flow of circulation to your lower legs and feet. Simply sit in a comfortable chair and begin to trace the letters of the alphabet with your toes. Yes, you may feel silly at first, but as you rotate between tracing the letter “A” with your big toe of your left foot, then rotate to tracing “B” with your right, you’ll slowly start to notice it just simply feels good.

Why is that? The answer is actually very simple. Most people never consider their toes when it comes to exercise or stretching, but they are the body’s furthest extremities. By simply giving them some attention, much like when receiving a foot massage, the blood flow will improve, nurturing the body to open up neurological pathways and even perform some “rebuilding” of its own naturally!

Sit Down And Stretch Those Ankles & Knees

Here’s a great stretch you can perform multiple times a day from the comfort of your recliner, office chair, or sofa. Sit in a position with your back as straight as possible, then try to lift your right leg straight up horizontally in front of you. While keeping your right leg as straight and steady as comfortable, slowly “point” your ankle towards your left knee. This may feel a bit strange at first, but that’s ok, your body will get used to this stretch the more you perform it. Once you’ve performed this exercise as many times as you can before it gets uncomfortable (usually 40 to 50 repetitions based on your overall health), repeat the same stretch with your left leg and ankle.

Tap Your Toes

As in the last stretching exercise, you will need to be in a comfortable, seated position. Start with placing the right foot just a short distance from your resting left foot. Pretend you’re your favorite rock star drummer sitting behind their drum kit, pump your foot slowly up and down with your heel still on the floor. After a solid 50 pumps (or whatever you feel comfortable with), repeat the same movement but this time with your toes on the floor and your heel moving up and down. This is another great method to induce blood flow to your lower extremities. Don’t forget to repeat the same process with your left foot!

You Should Definitely Keep On Stretching, But What You Really Want Is To Eliminate Peripheral Neuropathy From Your Life Altogether, Right?

Exercise and stretching are always important for even those not suffering from the chronic pain of neuropathy, but if you are one of the 20 million+ Americans who have to deal with neuropathy on a daily basis, wouldn’t it make more sense to search for a neuropathy cure? Well, if you’ve read this far we’re happy to say your search may be over. We would like to introduce you to the ReBuilder®!

What Is The ReBuilder?

The ReBuilder® is a very sophisticated, computerized medical device created to relieve neuropathy with absolutely no side effects. This incredible device has become the standard of care utilized in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Unlike a typical TENS unit that blocks nerve paths so the pain signal can’t reach the brain, the ReBuilder® was designed to open the nerve paths. This rehabilitates the nerves, bringing them back to their normal function. The ReBuilder® also encourages the brain to release endorphins which can relieve anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness.

What Users Of The ReBuilder® Are Saying

“The nerve pain in my feet and lower legs are practically gone when I use the device on a consistent basis.” -Fran D.

“This is the first testimonial that I have ever written in my life. My feet were completely numb and it was going up my legs reaching my knees. I have been using the ReBuilder® every day at least once since I received it. It has made a very wonderful difference. I love this little machine. It has given me my life back again!” -Eileen L.

“I was on a high dosage of pregabalin but it was turning me into a zombie. I got the ReBuilder® from my local doctor for a one-week trial and found that after 3 days it was giving me relief. I now use it 3 times a week and no more pills!” -Pete R.

The ReBuilder® Is Guaranteed To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

We are so confident that the ReBuilder® will help you reduce or eliminate the pain of peripheral neuropathy that we offer a 90 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you would like to find a simpler method to eliminate the pain of peripheral neuropathy please fill in the contact form linked at the bottom of the page. We’re also available by phone at 877.717.5487 to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call!

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