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The Best Shoes for Neuropathy Sufferers


neuropathy foot pain

If you suffer from neuropathy like 20+ million others, you understand how painful this debilitating condition truly is. It’s not an overstatement that neuropathy also impacts nearly every aspect of one’s life. Simple pleasures such as walking the dog, cutting the grass, or even getting up from the sofa to use the restroom can become almost unbearable. Even with a doctor’s guidance and a variety of medication intended to help with the pain, the fear always remains that a lightning bolt of agony may be right around the corner. It’s also likely that the shoes you’re currently wearing can be making your neuropathy pain even worse. Gone are the days where you could live with a little discomfort to wear those designer heels or that well-worn pair of tennis shoes that used to go with everything. Now you need to place a much higher emphasis on what shoes can actually help reduce the pain of neuropathy, regardless of whether they’re fashionable.

In today’s article, we’re going to detail what you should look for when it comes to purchasing fashionable footwear to reduce peripheral neuropathy pain—and if you read through to the end we will even explain how you can eliminate your neuropathy pain! Ready? Let’s get started!

Selecting Shoes

What You Need To Consider When Purchasing Shoes If You Suffer From Neuropathy

The proper footwear is crucial for those suffering from neuropathy. It’s important to gain a true understanding of what types of shoes, materials, shapes, and even styles can help you save yourself from not only mild discomfort but also from the potential of excruciating torment.

Diabetic Neuropathy Shoes

Diabetes often goes hand in hand with neuropathy, and up until recently, shoes created for diabetic customers have been less than fashionable. Luckily for diabetic neuropathy sufferers, a lot has changed in the past few years with many diabetic neuropathy shoes looking just as stylish—if not more so—than some traditional footwear.

It’s important to search for shoes that have a soft fabric interior and sufficient padding to reduce friction to lessen the risk of abrasions, cuts, skin ulcers, or blisters as these can be life-threatening to diabetics. Ensure that the front of the shoe is “rounded” as it will provide your toes more room.

Neuropathy Shoes

Not everyone that suffers from neuropathy is diabetic. Several vendors manufacture shoes they claim can help reduce neuropathy pain—even if you’re not suffering from diabetes. Like diabetic neuropathy shoes, this footwear provides a larger front area providing extra room for the toes. These specialized neuropathy shoes also often come equipped with a “rocker bottom” which helps to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot. Another feature that makes these shoes unique is a spring in the heel that acts as a shock absorber.

Therapeutic & Orthopedic Footwear

Therapeutic shoes are very similar, almost identical to diabetic neuropathy ones, but with one major difference. Therapeutics and orthopedics are custom-made from an actual mold of your foot. Even with medical insurance this type of unique footwear can be expensive, though many have found some relief from neuropathy by investing in these.


Orthotic Inserts

Many individuals with neuropathy have found relief by using orthotic inserts. These specially-made, customized devices match the contours of your feet and need to be prescribed by a podiatrist. Using these orthotic inserts can help your feet to feel less pressure and help reduce neuropathy flare-ups.

What Can You Do When Wearing The Right Shoes For Neuropathy Isn’t Helping Your Pain?

Purchasing and wearing the right type of shoes can certainly reduce your neuropathy pain, but what if there was a treatment to help eliminate neuropathy pain altogether?

How To Find Relief For Your Foot Pain In Just 30 Minutes

If you would like to find a simpler, worth-every-penny method to eliminate your foot pain please complete the contact form below. We also encourage you to call us directly at 877.717.5487 with any questions you may have regarding the ReBuilder® and how it can be utilized to cure neuropathy and end your foot pain quickly. If you’re ready to order your own ReBuilder® we have multiple choices and sizes to review at our online store. We also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on the ReBuilder® so you have nothing to lose except your foot pain!

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