Interview with Dr. Morstein: Diet, Diabetes and Neuropathy
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Diet, Diabetes and Treating Neuropathy with the ReBuilder



One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “Why hasn’t my doctor heard about the ReBuilder®?" Well, if you’re a patient of naturopathic physician Dr. Mona Morstein, there’s no doubt she’s not only heard of the ReBuilder®, she actually utilizes this incredible device to help her diabetic patients find relief for their neuropathy pain. Dr. Morstein was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss why the ReBuilder® is such an important part of her treatment plan.


Mona Morstein, ND


Thank you, Dr. Morstein, for taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to talk with us.

Morstein: My pleasure! I’m always willing to help.

So can you tell us just a little bit about your practice?

Morstein: Well, I’ve been in private practice for several decades and I work with all types of patients suffering from chronic conditions like diverticulitis, gallbladder conditions, diabetes, auto-immune conditions.

You mentioned diabetes. Here at ReBuilder Medical, we understand how common it is for people with diabetes to develop peripheral neuropathy. How do you treat neuropathy patients who are Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics?

Morstein: Yes, unfortunately, that is the case for many. Every patient is unique, obviously, but I like to focus on their diet as well as taking a hard look at their overall lifestyle. In so many instances they aren’t getting enough exercise, they live a sedentary lifestyle, and the more you dig into their neuropathy pain, asking questions, you’ll find their neuropathy pain is keeping them from being more active. It’s like a vicious cycle and for so many, they can’t manage their diabetes properly because the pain associated with their neuropathy makes it difficult and in some instances impossible.

And it’s safe to say you’re a believer in how the ReBuilder® can help patients in that situation?

Morstein: Yes, but it’s important to note that for best results—and the ReBuilder® does work—it’s a full regime of treatment that is required. As I mentioned earlier, diet is so important not only for diabetics but for anyone of any age. And if you’re a smoker, and you’re suffering from neuropathy and nerve pain, please just quit!

That’s a subject you don’t hear much about, smokers and neuropathy.

Morstein: Smoking is so harmful. I have a patient, I don’t know if he was a lifelong smoker but let’s say he was a very, very heavy smoker. He was a smoking machine. The first thing I told him was we had to get him off cigarettes. Then we created a nutrition program that he would follow. In addition, I sent him home with the ReBuilder® with directions on how many times to use it each day.

Sorry, you said you sent him home with a ReBuilder®? Really?

Morstein: Well, I can’t send them to any old retail store to buy one! We have some here in our office that we rent out for clients to try.

That’s true. But we know where your patients can purchase their own!

Morstein: Oh, and they do! I will send them home with one and I can’t tell you how many times they have purchased their own by the next appointment.

So it doesn’t take long for them to see results, that’s great!

Morstein: It definitely helps them. I had another patient, a lovely lady in her eighties, she came in to see me and was using a walker. She couldn’t even really feel her legs from the knees down. A lifestyle change for someone of her age isn’t really possible. Thankfully she wasn’t a smoker! I did help her change her diet which set the stage for the ReBuilder® to help repair the nerves in her legs. She’s so happy now. Really an amazing result.

Well, on behalf of everyone suffering from neuropathy we thank you, Dr. Morstein, for providing relief.

To learn more from Dr. Morstein, visit Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions online- or, if they are looking for more information on a comprehensive, integrative approach to diabetes, Dr. Morstein also wrote a book, Master Your Diabetes, that is available on Amazon.

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