Avoid These Foods if You Suffer From Neuropathy

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Avoid These Foods if You Suffer From Neuropathy

Neuropathy sucks. Ask anyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy and they’ll tell you it impacts literally everything in their life. This constant discomfort takes people on a journey to find a method to help alleviate their agony. One of the first solutions you find involves diet and nutrition. In the previous blog post we mentioned some of the best foods to eat to boost nerve health. Today we’re going to discuss what you eat that could be a nerve-damaging food. We’re also going to share how you can eliminate neuropathy from your life altogether! Let’s get into what foods you should absolutely avoid if you struggle with neuropathy.

Neuropathy Sufferers Absolutely Need To Avoid High Carb/High Sugar Foods

Starting with the obvious: diabetes and peripheral neuropathy go hand-in-hand. Yes, fruits and vegetables are healthy choices, much better for your diabetes and neuropathy than cookies, cakes, and sweets, but did you know certain fruits can be very detrimental to you? Apricots, watermelon, pineapple, and mangoes, even overripe bananas, contain too much natural sugar for diabetics and those with neuropathy. Overdoing sugar encourages inflammation in the body, which can put pressure on any and all nerves, causing neuropathy symptoms. High-starch foods, including white rice and potatoes, should be avoided since the starches convert to sugar. It’s a good idea to replace these types of foods with a variety of “fiber-rich” foods such as bran, beans, and oats.

Foods to avoid: Alcohol

Alcohol Isn’t Going To Help Your Neuropathy Pain

Let’s face it. Beer, wine, and alcohol just simply aren’t good choices for those suffering from peripheral neuropathy. In moderation, healthy people can see some benefits from wine and alcoholic beverages, but if you have neuropathy or diabetes you already know you don’t fall into the “healthy” category. It’s an easy jump to think alcohol may temporarily help you find some relief from neuropathy, but you could be making your situation even worse. It’s highly recommended that you eliminate alcohol intake, at least until you find a solution to end neuropathy at the source.

Preservatives and Pesticides

We discussed specific fruits and vegetables to avoid above, but even the “good” natural foods should be avoided if they contain pesticides and preservatives. Larger farmers often spray chemicals on their crops to keep insects, rodents, and other natural predators away. Typically these pesticides are safe for a typical “healthy” consumer, but we already know nothing is “typical” for a neuropathy sufferer. A great solution is to purchase your produce and fruits from a local farmer’s market. Farmers who sell their goods locally typically don’t have preservatives in their crops as they don’t need to ship their food to distribution centers. If you aren’t able to shop at a local farmer’s market, most grocery stores sell a product often referred to as an organic chemical cleaner. This simple spray is intended to remove pesticides from your food with a few squirts and a quick rinse in the kitchen sink.

Gluten Is A Big “No-No”!

Certainly you’ve heard about gluten, a common protein found in wheat, rye, and barley products. While gluten doesn’t necessarily make healthy people sick, there is a large quantity of the population who is considered “gluten-sensitive”, also known as Celiac disease. Foods high in gluten can cause chronic inflammation, which, as we already know, is just one of the things that can lead to an increase in neuropathy pain.

Seems Like A Lot Of Work To Eat Healthy To Keep Your Neuropathy Pain At Bay, Doesn’t It?

Neuropathy can turn your world upside down. What if you could eliminate neuropathy from your life completely? Even better, what if you didn’t even have to visit the doctor, but rather could spend mere minutes a day in the comfort of your home receiving treatment? It may sound too good to be true, but guess what—it’s true! Say hello to the ReBuilder®!

Help Is Available For Peripheral Neuropathy With The ReBuilder

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Not only are doctors, clinics and hospitals across the world touting the benefits of the ReBuilder®—so are peripheral neuropathy sufferers just like you!

The ReBuilder® Is GUARANTEED To Reduce Or Eliminate Your Peripheral Neuropathy Pain

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Find Relief For Your Peripheral Neuropathy In Just 30 Minutes!

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