Nerve Pain In Your Hands? Here’s How To Get Relief

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Nerve Pain In Your Hands? Here’s How To Get Relief

Peripheral neuropathy is commonly related to nerve pain in the feet, but if you’re reading this chances are high that you’ve also experienced the same “pins and needles” feeling in your hands as well. If you’re one of the over 20 million people who suffer from neuropathy it’s likely that you’ve also felt this chronic pain in your hands making it difficult to complete even the easiest tasks. Brushing your teeth, texting on your cell phone or even trying to write your signature on a credit card receipt can be almost impossible when your hands are in agony due to nerve related pain.

You’ve tried a variety of methods to relieve nerve pain in your hands. Medications are available to help, but they only mask the pain—they aren’t an actual cure. You’ve even tried some home remedies such as using cayenne pepper in your meals, ointments containing capsaicin and soaking your hands in warm water. If so, you’ve quickly realized that the pain may go away, but relief is only temporary.

What can you do that can drastically alleviate the pain while at the same time eliminating the painful tingling and numbness in your hands?

A Remedy for Your Hand Pain & Neuropathy That Actually Works

There is hope for those suffering from uncomfortable nerve pain in your hands caused by neuropathy. We’ve shared the amazing results others have experienced when using the ReBuilder® to eliminate neuropathy in their legs and feet, but did you know this revolutionary device can also be utilized on your hands? You don’t even need to visit your family doctor to find relief. Yes, you can use the ReBuilder® in the comfort of your own home to eliminate neuropathy pain in your feet AND your hands!

My Hand Pain is Caused by Neuropathy. What is the ReBuilder®, and How Can It Help?

The ReBuilder® is a computerized, FDA cleared medical device created in 1987 to relieve nerve pain related to neuropathy with absolutely zero side effects. This scientifically, medically-created mechanism is simple to use and has become the standard of care utilized in some of the most famous hospitals and clinics around the world, such as the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Unlike a typical TENS unit which blocks nerve paths so the pain signal can't reach the brain, the ReBuilder® was designed to open nerve paths in your hands and feet. This rehabilitates the nerves, bringing them back to their normal function. While helping to improve blood circulation to the hands, the ReBuilder® also encourages the brain to release endorphins that relieve anxiety and pain, and have been noted to help users get a better night’s sleep.

ReBuilder Medical’s Conductive Gloves Were Created To Help Neuropathy Sufferers Eliminate Nerve Pain In Their Hands

We created specially-made conductive gloves that allow you to utilize your ReBuilder® to treat the nerve pain in your hands. These specialized gloves are so popular, many users will wear them while sleeping in order to get a peaceful night of rest. By simply spraying a specialized electrolyte inside the gloves, connecting them to the ReBuilder® and then wearing them, you’ll quickly feel relief. The ReBuilder® has many happy customers, including the three below:

"I was in constant pain, especially at bedtime...When I used the ReBuilder®, my pain level was reduced substantially." - Joanne D.

"A friend told me about this, so I got it, and it’s the biggest miracle I’ve experienced. I don’t have that stabbing pain. It’s amazing!" - Mrs. Lacasse

"I am a diabetic and have had foot and hand problems with tingling and nerve pain for approx. 15 years. I purchased the machine and have been using it ever since. It works great! I don’t think I would be using my hands or feet today if it were not for the ReBuilder®." - Z.R.

Would You Like To Relief For Your Chronic Hand Pain?

If you would like to find a simpler, worth-every-penny method to eliminate nerve pain in your hands please complete the contact form on this page. We also encourage you to call us directly at 877.717.5487 with any questions you may have regarding the ReBuilder® and how you can use it to cure your neuropathy and end your hand pain quickly. Please feel free to visit our online store where you can order the ReBuilder® and useful accessories like conductive gloves, socks, straps and conductivity spray.

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