Erase Your Knee Pain with ReBuilder
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Nerve Pain in Your Knees? Here's How You Can Get Immediate Relief!

Remember that one relative that always complained about their knee pain? The same uncle, aunt or grandparent who swore they could tell when it was going to rain based simply on how much their knees “were acting up”? You may have thought they were just joking around when you were younger, but now that you’re older with knee pain of your own maybe you view them in a new light.

Let’s face it, knee pain is an issue, especially the older you get. You may know some friends or family members whose knee pain has been so intense, so chronic, that they’ve even opted to have knee surgery. Ask anyone who has gone down the surgical route and they’re certain to tell you the recovery process is painful and tedious.

Hopefully your knee pain hasn’t evolved to the point yet where you’re considering invasive surgery, but that still doesn’t mean you don’t struggle with it every day. Something you used to take for granted just a few years ago like walking up and down the stairs now results in a range of pain running from an uncomfortable nuisance all the way up to hours of resting your legs on the sofa.

Most Knee Pain Remedies Only Mask The Pain

What can you do to relieve the pain? Anti-inflammatory medications can help, as can a combination of ice and heat. The big question is do you really want to rotate from heating pads to ice packs or take over-the-counter ibuprofen on a consistent basis simply to find some relief for your knee pain? These solutions are simply masking the pain—it’s still there, under the surface, waiting to strike when you’re least expecting it.

Even with this type of daily regimen, you’re still likely finding yourself limited to what you can and can’t do to ensure your knee pain remains in check. What if you discovered there was a better option?

New Advances To the ReBuilder® Leads To Knee Pain Relief

Dr. David Phillips, CEO and inventor of the ReBuilder®, was posed with a simple question—could the technology utilized in the ReBuilder® to reduce pain and improve the effects of neuropathy also benefit those suffering from chronic knee pain? The idea of being able to help even more people with the ReBuilder® intrigued Dr. Phillips, leading him to begin research on whether this was possible.

For over three months Dr. Phillips pushed the question using theory, simulations, mathematical algorithms, practical treatment models and finally real world testing. The results were nothing short of amazing!

How Does The ReBuilder® Help Relieve Chronic Knee Pain?

The ReBuilder® is a very sophisticated, computerized medical device created to alleviate pain with absolutely no side effects. This incredible device has become the standard of care utilized in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital have all sung the praises of this unique treatment to help eliminate pain.

You can find a wealth of detailed information about the ReBuilder®, including how Dr. Phillips developed this ground-breaking device to stop neuropathy pain.

The advanced method of treatment provided by the ReBuilder® involves stimulating sleeping nerves, strengthening the leg muscles, increasing blood flow and elevating pain-relieving and mood-enhancing chemicals produced by the brain. Using the same proven medical strategy, Dr. Phillips had what can only be labelled a “eureka moment”.

By attaching peripheral joint straps to the ReBuilder® above and below the patella of the knee, a PEF (pulsed electromagnetic field) is targeted to the specific area. This signal incorporates both nerve and muscle stimulation to the knee leading to rapid pain relief, reduction of swelling and improved range of motion & increased mobility.

Knee Pain Treatment Is Simple And Quick With The ReBuilder®

Using the ReBuilder® to treat chronic knee pain takes only 15 minutes of stimulation followed by another 15 minutes of regular ReBuilder® foot-to-foot treatment allowing the nerves to be re-educated. One of the biggest perks of this treatment, other than eliminating your chronic knee pain, is that you provide the treatments to yourself, right in the comfort of your own home! That means no travel to your family practitioner's office, no sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room losing hours from your day and certainly no haggling with your insurance provider about your co-pay. In just 30 minutes per treatment you can find relief!

Would You Like To Learn How You Can Find Relief For Your Knee Pain In Just 30 Minutes?

If you would like to find a simpler, worth-every-penny method to eliminate your knee pain please don’t hesitate to complete the contact form on this page. We also encourage you to call us directly at 877.717.5487 with any questions you may have regarding the ReBuilder® and how it can be utilized to not only cure neuropathy but also end your knee pain quickly. If you’re ready to order your own ReBuilder® and knee straps we have multiple choices and sizes to review at our online store.

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