Neuropathic Leg Pain? Here's How To Get Relief.
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How to Get Relief for Neuropathic Leg Pain

If you’re experiencing nerve pain in your legs you know full well it’s no joking matter. Everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) you used to do daily now seems like a distant dream. What used to be the easiest tasks now seem nearly impossible to accomplish. Carrying a load of laundry to the washing machine might as well be the same thing as training to run the Boston Marathon! Attempting to enjoy a relaxing evening watching television with your family likely requires propping your leg on a pillow or several seating readjustments before the end credits roll.

With statistics claiming that about 1 in 3 Americans experience chronic pain and 1 in 5 suffering from neuropathic leg pain, isn’t it reasonable to wonder why there isn’t a solid treatment for this agonizing condition?

Of course, there are a variety of remedies that can help to a degree—anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications as well as prescription only painkillers—but those only mask the pain, and even worse, these can often lead to dependence or long-term addiction. Heating pads and cold compresses, much like medication, do not provide an actual solution for what is causing the pain.

What can someone suffering from chronic severe leg pain do?

Is There A Leg Pain Remedy For Neuropathy That Actually Works? Yes!

It may sound impossible to those suffering from chronic leg pain, but there is hope! The ReBuilder is able to stop your leg pain, and you don’t even need to visit your family doctor to receive treatment. Yes, you read that correctly, you can use the ReBuilder® right in the comfort of your own home.

What Is The ReBuilder®?

The ReBuilder® is a very sophisticated, computerized medical device created to relieve your foot and leg pain with absolutely no side effects. This incredible device has become the standard of care utilized in hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Institutions such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America have all sung the praises of this unique treatment to help eliminate pain.

Unlike a typical TENS unit which blocks nerve paths so the pain signal can not reach the brain, the ReBuilder® was designed to open these nerve paths. This helps to rehabilitate the nerves, bringing them back to their normal function. Helping to improve blood circulation to the legs, the ReBuilder® also encourages the brain to release endorphins which can relieve anxiety and pain but have also been noted to help users get a better night’s sleep.

What Users Of The ReBuilder® Are Saying

“The nerve pain in my feet and lower legs are practically gone when I use the device on a consistent basis.”
Fran D.

“This is the first testimonial that I have ever written in my life. My feet were completely numb and it was going up my legs reaching my knees. I have been using the Rebuilder® every day at least once since I received it. It has made a very wonderful difference. I love this little machine. It has given me my life back again!”
Eileen L.

“I was on a high dosage of pregabalin but it was turning me into a zombie. I got the ReBuilder® from my local doctor for a one-week trial and found that after 3 days it was giving me relief. I now use it 3 times a week and no more pills!”
Pete R.

Would You Like To Learn How You Can Find Relief For Your Chronic Leg Pain?

If you would like to find a simpler, worth-every-penny method to eliminate your leg pain please complete the contact form on the bottom of this page. We also encourage you to call us directly at 877.717.5487 with any questions you may have regarding the ReBuilder® and how it can be utilized to not only cure neuropathy but also end your leg pain quickly. If you’re ready to order your own ReBuilder® we have multiple choices and sizes to review at our online store.

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