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Thankful for ReBuilder



Ahh… fall harvest time, chilly breezes, falling leaves, and cozy flannels. We’re getting closer and closer to snowy wintertime, seeing our families and preparing to give of ourselves to others in the holiday spirit. With joy in our hearts as the holidays kick off, we wanted to ask a question of a few of our recent customers: Why are you thankful for your ReBuilder®?

Meet Ms. Rosann Welser. Rosann, 76, has been active all of her life. She was a runner, a tennis player, loved to dance, and she would often walk 4 miles a day to stay fit. The toes on one of her feet had been numb for about a year- but when they became numb on the other foot, she gradually lost balance and her ability to walk normally.

“I couldn’t stand on one leg,” she recalled.

Rosann had heart issues before and had been on medication for it for about 8 years- but when this neuropathy showed up, she had already been off it for a few years. She had no signs of any reason that she would have neuropathy. (That’s referred to as idiopathic neuropathy, meaning no known cause.) Rosann went to her doctors, who were stumped as well- there was no reason for this to be happening. Her doctor wouldn’t prescribe pain pills, because she had no pain, (and besides that, Rosann didn’t want anything to do with them).

“The doctors said there wasn’t anything else they could do...I was going crazy.”

Luckily, Rosann is -and was- persistent. “I’m thankful I didn’t drop it there.” Rosann saw that a chiropractor just down the road from her was advertising a neuropathy treatment program through something called Blueprint. It was a 90-day regimen for neuropathy. The Blueprint program is a package that features regular vitamins, monitoring the diet, supplements, infrared therapy, and finally, a device you might have heard of- the ReBuilder®.

Rosann started out with treatments twice a day, about an hour and a half of her daily routine. Rosann uses the footbath kit, She was so happy with her treatments. “I felt change almost immediately after treatment,” she quipped.

“It was amazing how fast it worked.”

Her neuropathy symptoms are mostly gone- she uses her ReBuilder® once a day on average for preventative purposes to keep her nerves healthy. “I totally give ReBuilder® credit for my improvement,” she says. After having such success with ReBuilder® herself, she found another use for it. Her husband recently had surgery, and his doctors noticed neuropathy. After his surgery, he started having issues walking, and Rosann brought out the ReBuilder® to see if it would help. We hope the best for Rosann’s husband’s success and are thankful that she has many more four-mile walks left to go on.

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