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Why Hasn’t My Doctor Heard About The ReBuilder?

Has Your Doctor Tried To Help You Battle Your Neuropathy But You Still Can’t Find Relief?

Living with neuropathy can be difficult. The chronic pain, sleepless nights, difficulty with digestion, and oftentimes a drop in blood pressure when you least expect it can lead you to try any remedy to make yourself feel normal again. You wonder what “normal” really means anymore—it’s been that long since you’ve truly felt like yourself. Like most of us, if you’re sick or in pain the first method of attack is to take an over-the-counter painkiller and just hope things get better. When they don’t, it’s off to see your family doctor for their expert opinion. This is where things get a bit murky. There’s no doubt your family doctor means well and puts your health as their top priority, and we’re willing to bet they’ve tried some, if not all, of the following neuropathy treatments.

Pain Medication

When general over-the-counter pills bring no relief for your neuropathy your doctor will often write a prescription for much stronger pain medicine. The problem is that opioids, morphine derivatives, and even Tramadol have been known to come with a variety of side effects, many even worse than the original pain they were prescribed for.

Topical Treatments

Ointments and creams rubbed directly on the skin can provide a measure of temporary relief but don't actually do much to improve your overall condition. You may have tried several of these, such as Lidocaine, counter-irritant products (menthol, eucalyptus, capsaicin, etc.), and topical NSAIDS, only to discover that your skin becomes irritated and you may even experience breathing issues.

Anti-Seizure Medications

Some neuropathy sufferers have found a degree of relief by taking drugs intended to control epileptic seizures, medicines such as Carbamazepine or Gabapentin. A laundry list of side effects ranging from constipation, drowsiness, and nausea all the way to heart problems makes this far from an ideal option.

It’s important to point out that all of the treatments mentioned above are temporary solutions to the pain associated with neuropathy. Even your doctor would agree that these options aren’t an actual cure.

Neuropathy Can Be Cured

Yes, you read that correctly. Neuropathy can be cured with the ReBuilder®, a highly specialized FDA-cleared TENS/EMS Unit utilized in clinics worldwide. This amazing device actually rebuilds your damaged nerves by increasing blood flow to the impacted areas nurturing nerve cells to heal.

If it's Curable, Why Hasn’t My Doctor Suggested the ReBuilder®?

A great question that deserves a detailed answer. Of course your doctor wants nothing more than to take care of their patients, but there are several reasons that may limit their otherwise good intentions. Let's unpack that!

Physicians Lack Financial Incentive To Prevent Or Cure Disease

Like all of us, doctors get paid to perform a job. The more patients a doctor can see in a day the more claims they can submit to insurance providers. It takes less time to diagnose a problem based on symptoms than it does to actually recommend a cure. If you’re like most people, you may have felt rushed through an appointment with your doctor. This type of meeting with your doctor isn’t very conducive to actually finding a cure or treatment for your underlying problem, ensuring you come back to the next appointment (thus another submission to the insurance company).

Your Family Practitioner Isn’t A Neuropathy Specialist

Here’s an analogy that you may not have considered. Imagine that your family doctor is actually an auto mechanic. They know all about cars, what makes them run, how to identify what is causing a problem, etc. Does your local mechanic know everything there is to know about working on, say, a Tesla or Rolls Royce? Of course not—that’s why there are dealerships that work only on a specific brand and model of vehicle. They are, in essence, specialists, and your family doctor would actually agree with you.

Modern Medicine Has Morphed Into A Disease Management Business

It’s sad but true. Our current health system devotes more time, energy, and money into preventative medicine than it does in searching for real cures and treatment for existing diseases like neuropathy. We agree that it’s wise to attempt to take a preventative stance in order to reduce diseases before they occur, but not enough attention is placed in actually finding cures for current illnesses and diseases.

Your Doctor May Fear The Unknown

Returning to the point above regarding your doctor not being a specialist in a specific field of health- they certainly aren’t going to be an authority on any new remedy, device or medicine. They’re only human, just like you and I, and it’s human nature to not want to speak up about something we really don’t know much about. Of course, doctors stay on top of news published in medical journals and attend medical conferences where new breakthroughs in health are introduced, but that doesn’t mean they will begin to adopt these methods or prescribe these fresh medications immediately. They tend to wait and see if their peers begin to sing the praises of these new advances, then maybe, just maybe, they will begin to refer these remedies to their patients.

Would You Like To Learn How You Can Find Relief For Your Neuropathy Pain In Just 30 Minutes?

We understand we’ve given you a lot to consider in this article, but hopefully, the conversation doesn’t stop there. If you would like to learn more about how you can find near-immediate pain relief from your neuropathy and even begin to help your body repair damaged nerve cells, please feel free to call us directly at 877.717.5487. If you’re ready to order your own ReBuilder® we have multiple choices to review at our online store.

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