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Why Are My Hands Numb?

Unfortunately, most of the world's population has very little medical training or knowledge.  So there's nothing worse than your hands going numb with no apparent cause.  Luckily, we've compiled a list of conditions that can cause numbness.  Please remember, this is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or a substitute for medical advice.  We just want to give you a starting point if you wish to begin your own research.

12 DIY Neuropathy Aids

Let’s be honest, neuropathy is expensive.  With medication, doctor visits, and any assistive devices you might need to make daily tasks manageable, the costs can start to rack up.  Just last week, we talked about the different tools available to make life with neuropathy easier, so this week we’d like to discuss how you can make some of those tools at home.  We’ve tried to keep the items needed for these projects limited to what most households would already have lying around, though any exceptions will be marked and an alternative given.

Daily Tools for Neuropathy

When you have neuropathy, it impacts every aspect of your life.  Suddenly, what was so easy for you before, becomes a chore.  Luckily, there are tools to help you stay on top of your daily activities without neuropathy taking control!  Companies have spent decades crafting assistive devices for arthritis and fortunately, people with neuropathy can benefit from these same innovations!  This is not a complete list by any means, but hopefully it will give you a jumping off point to begin your own research.  After all, it’s always best to look at all your options to decide what assistive devices will work best for you!

Neuropathy News- Theories & Breakthroughs

We thought we'd do something a little different for this blog entry- share with you some of the news on neuropathy. There’s a lot about neuropathy we don’t know- but thanks to researchers, we’re learning. Scroll to read about new developments and breakthroughs in the neuropathy world!

ReBuilder vs TENS

If you’re suffering from neuropathy - whether related to diabetes, surgery, infection, or even no real identifiable cause - you’ve likely tried everything possible to find relief. The pain can be unbearable at times and impacts nearly every area of your life. Maybe you’ve tried a TENS unit to find some relief, and maybe you’ve even experienced instant comfort during those self-administered sessions. What happens after you take those adhesive electric pads off?

Neuropathy and COVID-19

The world changed in early 2020 as COVID-19 ravaged the planet. As of the writing of this article the virus has impacted the health of over 191 million people worldwide, resulting in 4 million+ deaths and impacting nearly everything we do in our daily lives. For people who also suffer from peripheral neuropathy, there is also the concern that the virus can make their day-to-day pain even more excruciating.

The Best Exercises for Neuropathy

It’s no surprise that searching for relief from chronic, severe nerve pain is on the rise. With 20 million people (and climbing) suffering from neuropathy, we’re willing to bet that you’ve been Googling that, and it’s how you got to this very blog! If that’s the case, consider today your lucky day.

The Best Leg Stretches for Neuropathy

If you’ve been following our blog you’ve no doubt noticed the effort we have been putting into educating those suffering from peripheral neuropathy and how to eliminate the agonizing “pins and needles” feeling that comes along with this horrible condition.

Neuropathy with No Known Cause (Idiopathic Neuropathy)

You’ve been told by your doctor that you suffer from neuropathy, but your physician can’t pinpoint what the cause is. You haven’t had any surgeries. You’re not diabetic. None of your family members have ever received this diagnosis and you don’t drink. You find yourself asking “what’s going on here?” Excellent question. Today we’re going to provide you with some answers as well as a solution to help you find relief, even a cure, for this horrible condition- idiopathic neuropathy.

Avoid These Foods if You Suffer From Neuropathy

Neuropathy sucks. Ask anyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy and they’ll tell you it impacts literally everything in their life. This constant discomfort takes people on a journey to find a method to help alleviate their agony. One of the first solutions you find involves diet and nutrition. In the previous blog post we mentioned some of the best foods to eat to boost nerve health. Today we’re going to discuss what you eat that could be a nerve-damaging food.