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neuropathy cause

Multiple Sclerosis and Neuropathy

Multiple sclerosis affects approximately 2.5 million people in the world. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is scary for anyone who receives it- there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the condition. MS and peripheral neuropathy have a big commonality: they’re both neurological diseases that cause the discomfort you might be feeling- tingling, pain, and decreased sensation in hands, feet, arms and legs- and those sensations are tied with your nerves’ myelin sheath. Let’s discuss key differences and similarities in treatment!

Conventional Neuropathy Pills & Their Consequences

Neuropathy is becoming a more common medical diagnosis every day. The condition features a wide range of symptoms for a single cause: nerve damage, which can be caused by a plethora of different medical conditions, or seemingly none at all! There are many different medications out there that treat your symptoms- and unfortunately, the side effects can feel like a new condition all on its own. If your doc can isolate your neuropathy's cause, they'll likely treat that condition first.

HIV-Related Neuropathy

Although not the death sentence it once was decades ago, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is still a disease that can be life-changing, painful, and even lethal. With more and more patients surviving HIV and even thriving- leading a full life thanks to breakthroughs in medicine and treatment options- you’d think there would be a cure for HIV-related neuropathy.

50+ Conditions The ReBuilder Should Be Prescribed For

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Will this help with (insert disease here)?” Here’s the honest truth. It might! The ReBuilder® is an FDA-registered device, classified as a TENS unit- but with its special technology and easy operation, it’s far from your regular $50 overpowered TENS unit. Read on to learn over 50 conditions that might be causing your neuropathy!

The ReBuilder® is indicated by the FDA for:

Neuropathy and COVID-19

The world changed in early 2020 as COVID-19 ravaged the planet. As of the writing of this article the virus has impacted the health of over 191 million people worldwide, resulting in 4 million+ deaths and impacting nearly everything we do in our daily lives. For people who also suffer from peripheral neuropathy, there is also the concern that the virus can make their day-to-day pain even more excruciating.

Neuropathy with No Known Cause (Idiopathic Neuropathy)

You’ve been told by your doctor that you suffer from neuropathy, but your physician can’t pinpoint what the cause is. You haven’t had any surgeries. You’re not diabetic. None of your family members have ever received this diagnosis and you don’t drink. You find yourself asking “what’s going on here?” Excellent question. Today we’re going to provide you with some answers as well as a solution to help you find relief, even a cure, for this horrible condition- idiopathic neuropathy.