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Thankful for ReBuilder

Ahh… fall harvest time, chilly breezes, falling leaves, and cozy flannels. We’re getting closer and closer to snowy wintertime, seeing our families and preparing to give of ourselves to others in the holiday spirit. With joy in our hearts as the holidays kick off, we wanted to ask a question of a few of our recent customers: Why are you thankful for your ReBuilder®?

Diet, Diabetes and Treating Neuropathy with the ReBuilder

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “Why hasn’t my doctor heard about the ReBuilder®?" Well, if you’re a patient of naturopathic physician Dr. Mona Morstein, there’s no doubt she’s not only heard of the ReBuilder®, she actually utilizes this incredible device to help her diabetic patients find relief for their neuropathy pain. Dr. Morstein was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss why the ReBuilder® is such an important part of her treatment plan.


"Neuropathy's Worst Enemy" - Interview with Dr. Brian Prax

How Dr. Brian Prax Makes The Impossible Possible By Reversing Neuropathy

We had the opportunity to sit down recently with pioneer-in-reversing-neuropathy, chiropractor, and author Dr. Brian Prax. Not only was he very candid with discussing his career and achievements, but he also detailed how the ReBuilder® is a crucial tool in his ongoing battle to help patients reverse the impact of neuropathy.