ReBuilder Medical

Data supporting the use of the ReBuilder

  1. Safety and Efficacy of the ReBuilder® Electrical System in Treating Peripheral Neuropathy - 551 patients.

    551 patients were treated with the ReBuilderĀ® System, a unique TEMS/EMS electrical stimulation device to determine if the quality of their life was improved. Fully ninety one percent (91%) reported success. No side effects were reported. The ReBuilder is safe and effective for treating peripheral neuropathy.


  2. New Treatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy symptoms with Electronic Neuromuscular Stimulator

    "Pain levels were reduced in all 6 patients. Original pain levels ranged form 5 to 10. The average reduction on the pain scale was three levels after a two-weeks and five levels by the end of the study. Four of the patients had trouble falling to sleep before the study and all noted improvement within two days of starting the neuromuscular stimulator."

    "No adverse reactions or allergies were reported."