Trade-In Program

Trade in your current ReBuilder® and get up to $300 towards a brand new 300 or 2407

ReBuilder device trade in

Perhaps you have a knock-off device which you were told was ‘the same as’ or ‘as good as’ the ReBuilder? Or one that is said to have “ReBuilder mode”? Are you ready to step up to the real thing now, having realized the imitator falls short? Call us, we may offer you a substantial credit for your “Chinese made toys”. We get these trades regularly, from hundreds of disatisfied users who had been duped into buying substandard equipment for their situation. There is only one ReBuilder.


Toll free (877) 717-5487 to set up your trade in.


Your old unit to 636 Treeline Dr., Charles Town, WV 25414.


Your brand new upgrade will ship within just 2 business days.


Kick back and relax! That’s it!

There are so many benefits to upgrading your ReBuilder!

Huge Savings

You save money when you take advantage of our trade in offers.

5 Year Warranty

The warranty on your trade-in device may have already expired, but by upgrading you’ll receive a brand new 5 year warranty.

Advanced Technology

Upgrade to the ReBuilder 2407 and you’ll experience our most progressive, innovative ReBuilder of all time, with biofeedback integration and automatically variable waveform technology.

Model Upgrades

Trading in means trading up! Read about the differences in our Model Comparison.

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